More Info on GCDC, Grilled Cheese Bar, Opening Early March near the White House

1730 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

From a press release:

“Opening in less than three weeks, GCDC will soon become Washington, DC’s first grilled cheese-centric restaurant, located just a block from the White House. A fast-casual grilled cheese sandwich lunchtime spot by day and artisanal cheese and wine, beer and cocktail bar by evening, GCDC will cater to both downtown lunchers and the after-work happy hour crowd, as well as offer weekly education with cheese classes hosted by Washington, DC’s own rising star cheesemonger Sophie Slesinger.

GCDC will offer two different experiences: a daytime menu of grilled cheese sandwiches, soups and ‘tots’ for the busy afternoon crowd, and a nighttime menu of composed dishes, elegant cheese plates, cocktails and wine flights for the evening crowd.


During the day, GCDC will serve a playful menu of creative, specialty grilled cheese sandwiches as well as a “Grill Your Own” bar of artisanal cheeses and toppings.

Several sandwiches draw inspiration from gourmet dishes like the Grilled Carbonara, channeling its pasta muse, with GCDC’s own Gruyere blend, fresh goat cheese, sautéed leeks and pancetta on white, or the soup-in-a-sandwich French Onion Soup with Gruyere and caramelized onions on Challah.

Sandwiches also range international with the District Cemita, a popular Mexican sandwich with queso fresco, young manchego, chorizo, avocado, and spicy salsa, the Korean-inspired Kim-Cheese-Steak with their own cheddar blend, local No. 1 Sons kimchi, Korean-style roast beef and GCDC spicy sauce, and the Mediterranean with feta, mozzarella, roasted red pepper and marinated artichoke hearts on kalamata olive bread.

Grilled cheese’s favorite counterpart – tomato soup – will be made fresh from scratch daily, and is available by the cup, bowl or as a dipping side to “dunk.” One of GCDC’S more playful sides, Crispy Tots are available regular, in an “American” nacho-style with cheddar sauce, bacon, jalapenos, onion and GCDC spicy sauce, or in “Canadian” poutine-style with melted cheese curds, bacon and house-made mushroom gravy.


Come nighttime, GCDC will offer more of a sit-down experience of composed small plates, cheese boards, charcuterie, and more.

Elegant artisanal cheese plates can be composed from an extensive collection of 15 cheeses, rotating seasonally and featuring a weekly selection from DC’s own Righteous Cheese. Cheeses will be paired with artisanal condiments such as local lemon curd to fermented pickles, and will complement GCDC’s extensive bar program. A small menu of composed plates such as a refreshing citrus fennel salad, and indulgent melted Camembert with honey and thyme, are also available.

After-work drinkers can enjoy craft cocktails, ranging from The Green Hat Aristocrat made with DC’s own Green Hat Gin, Fernet Branca, orange bitters and triple sec served over ice with a float of Lillet Blanc to the Four O’Clock Bourbon Tea with Buffalo Trace bourbon, cardamom bitters, earl grey simple syrup and lemon juice. And as an homage to owner Bruce Klores’ Brooklyn hometown, a boozy Egg Cream Cocktail (also available non-alcoholic) made with whipped cream vodka, Frangelico, UBET chocolate syrup, whole milk and club soda.

Guests are also encouraged to experiment with cheese pairings of wine and beer, with 15 by-the-glass options including two sparkling, six white and seven red wines, and more than 20 canned and draft beers ranging from the local DC Brau Citizen Ale to a magnum of Lagunitas Brewing Hop Stoopid Ale.


Not only a place to taste delicious artisanal cheeses, GCDC is setting out to educate Washingtonians on all-things-cheese with weekly cheese classes at the restaurant. Hosted by rising star cheesemonger and DC native, Sophie Slesinger, who was recently honored as one of Zagat NYC’s “30 under 30” rising food professionals, classes will cater to cheese newbies as well as curd connoisseurs.

Classes might range from beginner’s ‘Cheese 101’ covering major styles of cheese, to cheese and beer pairings, to mozzarella-making, to exploring cheeses of different regions such as France, Latin America, and the U.S. coasts. More information on cheese classes will soon be available on GCDC’s website at

About GCDC

GCDC is a new fast-casual meets cocktail hour concept with the goal of bringing the perfect grilled cheese sandwich to the DC metro area. GCDC will offer an exciting menu of perfectly cooked gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade soups, “crispy tots,” and more. Downtown, DC’s happy hour community can gather after work at a hip local gathering place between the White House and the World Bank over artisanal cheese and charcuterie boards, local wines, beers and specialty cocktails. GCDC is located at 1730 Pennsylvania Ave, NW in Washington, DC. The 2,100 square foot restaurant boasts indoor seating for 42, with an additional 20 outdoor seats on the restaurant’s sidewalk patio. GCDC will be open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., serving lunch, post-work and dinner crowds.”

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  • A “grill your own” grilled cheese bar sounds pretty sweet, but it’s no mashed potato bar.

  • Is it wrong that I want my artisanal cheese and wine with the tots?

  • saf

    OK, originally, I scoffed at this idea. Now I am thinking it is pretty cool.

    I am also getting visions on Bin 36 in Chicago, which I love.

  • What next, a restaurant that specializes in bowls of cereal???

    • Or a truck that sells peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

    • The infantilization of the DC restaurant scene continues, catering to arrested development twenty-somethings who are big enough to eat out on their own now but not quite big enough to give up their favorite school cafeteria items. Breakfast all day, chicken and waffles, cupcakes, macarons, more artisanal hamburger shops than there are lobbyists, and now a high-end grilled cheese place for the perpetual adolescent.

  • They should put a lightning bolt between the first C and the D.

  • This press release is far less pretentious than the last. Almost makes me want to go there.

    Mmm, beer. And grilled cheese.

  • Holy moly – gruyere, goat cheese, leeks, and panchetta?! and Nacho tots?!! I once was skeptical. I am now REALLY hungry. Not sure how long it’ll last – I work nearby and I think I’m going to have to restrict myself to eat here, like, only once a month – but dang this looks good!

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