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Reader Reports Seeing Possible Dead Body by DC USA in Columbia Heights this Morning

by Prince Of Petworth February 26, 2014 at 11:45 am 11 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

Any word on what happened this morning in front of the Target in Columbia Heights? I was on my way to work and there was a dead body on the sidewalk, police had not roped off the area as of 8:10am.

Black male 20 to 30 years old, in a black jacket, lying face down on the sidewalk in a small pool of blood. One cop standing next to him but people were still walking past. I walked within 4 feet of the body.

I didn’t check to see if he was actually dead, but there were no paramedics and the cop wasn’t interacting with him at all. Between the stillness of the victim, unnatural body position, the blood, and the indifference of the cop, it all added up to a dead body to me. I’d love to be wrong.”

  • Anonymous

    Never have I been happier in my decision to drive to work today, otherwise I would have walked right past it. I’ve seen a dead body before and I have no desire to see another one.

  • Anonymous

    I walked passed there this morning around 8:20. The paramedics were there, as well as the fire department and police officers. As I was passing by, the person was strapped onto a stretcher. I presume they were getting him ready to get onto the ambulance, but I didn’t stick around to see. He seemed to be conscious. I saw him blinking his eyes and touching his hand to his face. There was a rather sizable pool of blood on the sidewalk next to the stretcher. From what I could tell the blood was coming from his face – mainly nose and mouth. I couldn’t tell what had happened to him. It’s entirely possible that he had a bad spill on the sidewalk because it was pretty slick. That stretch of 14th street with the yellow brick sidewalk is always pretty treacherous whenever there is rain or snow.
    However he got injured, I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery!

    • Anonymous

      Sidewalks were pretty slick this morning in other parts of the city as well, so odds are he lost his footing and cracked his head. I agree that whatever material they used on these sidewalks makes them pretty treacherous when there’s any type of precipitation. I wonder if they can retreat them with something.

  • OP

    Glad to hear he wasn’t dead after all! My day just got a lot better.

  • Anonymous

    There is a pretty sizable homeless population in the Columbia Heights area, and a lot of them gather by the Metro stop. DC gov does try to bring homeless people into shelters when it gets really cold outside, but it’s possible that the relatively warmer temperatures from the weekend resulted in people exiting the shelters and not going back when temperatures dropped last night. A body was found outside Bell Multicultural the other month, and I believe that person was suspected of being homeless as well.

    • Anonymous

      what makes you assume this man was homeless?

      • Lg


      • Anonymous

        Nobody’s assuming this person is homeless.

      • ZetteZelle

        I think it was meant as a possible explanation for cause of death (exposure/hypothermia), written before PP had read that the person was not in fact dead.

  • Anonymous

    I walked by around 8:10 and he was laying there dazed with a police officer attending to him. Bunch of blood on the sidewalk and his face was a mess. Guessing he took a really bad fall. I kept walking because I didn’t see the point in standing around and the authorities already seemed to be on it.

  • Anonymous

    I walk my child to school right by there each morning, another vote for glad I drove today. Hope he’s ok whomever he is.


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