Washington, DC


In Dec. we learned a lot more about GCDC the Grilled Cheese and Wine Bar coming to 1730 Pennsylvania Ave, NW near the White House (you can read the full press release here.) They are now on target to open late Feb./early March but me and a few folks were fortunate to get an early tasting. And I don’t know if it was because yesterday was 10 degrees and this is the perfect food for that weather but this was the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had. By far.

We tried 4 or 5 specialty sandwiches and since I’m not a food blogger I’m just gonna tell you the best one – Steak and Kimchi – Korean-style beef and homemade kimchi. Good lord that is an incredible sandwich. Paired with their upscale tomato soup it was just freaking delicious.

Anyway a few more details. They have a cheesemonger, Sophie Slesinger, who seriously knows her stuff. She will be curating the cheese plates with about 15 options, with one weekly rotating from Righteous Cheese out of Union Market. She speaks about cheese they way the finest sommelier speaks about wine – it’s pretty cool.

Ok some other quick details – bread is from Lyon. The sandwiches cook fast as hell in their high tech ovens (see below). Hours will be from 11am – to around 9pm to start. You can also get takeout for lunch. There will be around 9 grilled cheese options plus a make your own variety. They use 3/3.5 ounces of cheese per sandwich which is apparently a lot. Prices range from around $8-$12 for the sandwiches. There will be a Lobster grilled cheese coming too. There are also plans for a short rib one with mushrooms. There will be an egg cream.

But just remember the steak-kimchi – holy freaking cow.






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