Mission, Mexican Restaurant, Coming to former One Lounge space in Dupont in March

1606 20th Street, NW

Finally info on the “great new concept” coming to the former One Lounge space which closed January 8th in Dupont (right near the Dupont North metro exit.) Thanks to a reader for sending photos.

Mission’s facebook page says:

“Mission features authentic Mexican cuisine and a lively bar scene in a two level space with an exposed brick interior and Dupont’s largest outdoor patio.”

The door below says Executive Chef Rodrigo Albarran and ‘Coming March 2014’.


Executive Chef Rodrigo Albarran is from R&R Taqueria Elkridge, you can see their menus here. And you can see Chef Rodrigo on Diners Drive-ins and Dives here:

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  • What a wonderful new idea. Can’t believe no one had thought of selling Mexican food before.

    • It appears no one has thought of selling good Mexican food in DC yet, so they may actually be the first.

    • And yet almost all the Mexican restaurants in DC are mediocre. I say bring on another option.

      • Yes! After Andale closed downtown (and was replaced by the not-as-good-but-still-decent Oyamel), there’s been a lack of Mexican restaurants in DC that are worth the bother. Hoping this one is great…would love some fish tacos on the terrace in the summer.

    • Old-timers will laugh to think that the “new concept” is actually a flashback to a time (three joints ago? Four?) when restaurants were just “restaurants” and not “concepts” and, yes, they were slinging Mexican at from that exact location (though, to Anna’s point, no one is claiming it was “good” Mexican).

    • If you can point out real, good Mexican food in this city, be my guest. But in my opinion this city is severely lacking. High hopes for Mission.

  • Have not seen it in person, but the sign on the building look way out of scale for that wallspace.

  • Oh man. Let’s hope they do a good al pastor. I would give my right pinky toe for authentic al pastor.

  • R&R is *off the chain* good – the mole in particular. Randomly stumbled upon it a few years ago – first good Mexican I had eaten in the DC area at that point. Super excited about this!

    The other good option – some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had – is Tortacos in Gaithersburg. Well worth the drive. Holy cow. Pastor is their strong suit. It’s astounding.

    • Also, I’m surprised to learn that R&R has an “executive chef,” given that it’s attached to a gas station in a run-down strip mall in the dilapidated exurbs of MD.

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