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ONE Lounge Closes in Dupont, Stay Tuned for a “great new concept” this Spring

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2014 at 10:30 am 16 Comments

1606 20th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for the heads up. On Jan. 8th ONE Lounge wrote on their facebook page:

“After 5 awesome years, One Lounge will be shutting it’s doors tonight. Thank you to all our customers, friends and neighbors for being a part of such a great place.. Check out 1606 20th Street NW in the spring for a great new concept, coming soon!”

  • Anonymous

    let me guess, the next “concept” is to serve alcohol and maybe some food? because I think that would be a great concept and you guys can really make it out big time as few others have thought that through

  • pingjeepong

    I had a party reserved with them for Jan 31. So glad I saw this!

    Now I have a huge birthday party with no place set… Any ideas??

    • Anonymous

      They didn’t call you to cancel? Sheesh…

    • Anonymous

      This place was a drug den. I saw people openly doing drugs in the bathroom on two occasions. After that I stopped going.

      • dcreal

        You mean like most every other bar/lounge? Just because you don’t/haven’t seen it doesn’t meam its not happenin. Wonder where you party at now.

        • Welcome to the Big City

          Haha, exactly. I guarantee at least one person does coke in the bathroom at every bar in Dupont/Adams Morgan/U&14th areas on a weekend night.

      • Anonymous

        Hahahahaha! We’re not in Kansas anymore…

    • How huge? DC Science Club isn’t far from here and they let you book several floors for parties at minimal cost.

    • Anonymous

      Shaw’s Tavern gave me the upstairs for my bday party at no charge/no minimum and extended happy hour drink pricing all evening for us. You might give them a call.

    • Anonymous

      Darlington House, right next door.

  • Always kind of a weird vibe itself and clientele, but actually a pretty cool space. Lots of different rooms for hanging out or dancing, and a somewhat hidden 2nd floor space great for birthday parties (don’t think there was a fee and possibly a low spend minimum either). Never super-crowded.

  • alpinepaq

    but…the typeface!
    furthermore (here i go again): “lounge” (e.g. trying to be a bar, restaurant, and club, while failing to be good at any of them)

  • anon

    Lug One!

  • kallie

    i went here once during the winter. the heat was broken, so it was freezing. the food was just okay, not great. and the service and atmosphere was really weird. i got such an odd vibe from this place, that i never thought of even considering to go back. the space is really nice, so i hope whatever happens there in the spring makes much better use of it.

  • Anon

    Let me guess…new concept…small plates and $15 cocktails

    • Anonymous

      “craft cocktails” never forget the craft


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