Here’s Where Dacha 2 Will be Located on 5th Street in Mt. Vernon Square – Capacity Estimated at 300 People

923-25 5th Street, NW

Last week we learned that Dacha Beer Garden was looking to open a second location at 923-25 5th Street, NW. The Mt. Vernon Triangle blog reports some more info from a “memo from the owners (DACI Enterprises LLC) that was shared with the ANC”:

“An open air beer garden style sitting area will be location in the front behind the existing wall and within the perimeter of the private property.

Estimate capacity will be approximately 300 people.

Hours of Operation will be Monday through Sunday from 8 am to 2am.”

I was curious where exactly that was – so here are some photos I took on Saturday. They hope to be located right by the recently opened Silo restaurant which is the single story red brick building to the right in the photo below:


To the north it will sit next to the former Louis Rogue building now home to the Cloakroom strip club:


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  • This used to be an fun little sh*t hole of a night club then I think the owner tore the building down without permission? I might be remembering that wrong but its been a facade for years now. Maybe 10 years? Maybe longer.

  • The name is still pretty awful but the concept sounds cool.

  • The synergy between this place and the strip club next door should be pretty interesting.

    By the way, I keep getting a “502 Bad Gateway” error when trying to post today.

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