Dino’s Grotto Signs Lease in Shaw – Opening in Late April at 1914 9th Street, NW

1914 9th Street, NW

Previously we’ve learned that Cleveland Park’s Dino would be opening up in Shaw “in the vicinity of 9th and U Sts NW”. It’s been killing me trying to figure out exactly which space. On Monday Dino’s Grotto owner sends word:

We now have the keys to the new space and the redecorating starts tomorrow. It will be a quick turnaround. This is a very exciting process as the ideas we have had for a while now are put into place. It is also odd as we are doing almost nothing to the place except clean, do minor repairs, redecorate with paint, removing a lot of mirrors and disco lights, and finally moving in our furniture and equipment.

Dino’s Last Dance!

Our last night of full service with a full menu is February 23. But we will still have food in house. So we thought, why not throw a farewell party. We will just cook food ’til it’s all gone! It’s going to be more of a cocktail party with lots of food served buffet style. Some of the tables will already be gone. We will have a cash bar for beer, booze and vino. One last night to have fun. Tickets only on EventBrite. Admission at the door only if space is available. You will only be guaranteed admission if you pre-buy your ticket on Eventbrite {just hit the link below!} There will be no reservations, no assigned seating, no menus, no special requests. There will be a lot of pasta, sliced meats, prosciutto and cheeses, veggies, etc. We will just bring out food and serve you one last time! It starts at 5:30 and we will start giving you dirty looks at 9:30.

Ok “removing a lot of mirrors and disco lights” from a space in the vicinity of 9th and U St, NW – where the hell could that be? First I was thinking the former Philanthropub space but I don’t recall if they have a lot of mirrors and disco lights? I also thought the former Vegetate space, and many other subsequent incarnations at 1414 9th St, NW would be possible but that seems to far south to be considered the “vicinity of 9th and U.” So what do you guys think – what space has lots of mirrors and disco lights and has become vacant around 9th and U?

Update from a press release:

“Chef Owner Dean Gold of DINO Restaurant and Enoteca in DC’s Cleveland Park neighborhood is moving his beloved Italian restaurant across town this spring to the Shaw neighborhood into a row house on 9th St NW, just below U St. The two-story rustic Italian restaurant will be renamed DINO’S GROTTO, and is expected to open before the end of April.

The new establishment will serve approximately 120 people on two floors. The lower level will feature a large communal table alongside a 14 person bar, and table seating for 45. The 1st floor will also feature a 10 person bar and table seating for 50.

A strong believer in “sustainable foods”, Chef Dean Gold’s Italian pastas and dishes are handmade daily of fresh ingredients from local and organic farms, and sustainable fishers & butchers. Dino’s Grotto will also feature local craft brews as well as artisan Italian beers and ciders on tap, and creative cocktails at the hands of master mixologists.

1914 9th St NW (between T and U Streets)

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  • I was at Dino on Monday for our last dinner there (and my girlfriend’s bday celebration), and the nice italian waitress told us that the new Dino will have a more focused menu, mostly centering on pasta and small plates. But she added that they will adapt and change in the first few weeks and months, depending on demand. Makes sense to me. I got the sense part of the reason the old place had to close was due to not only the high rent, but the large menu which seemed to serve and older demographic? I think the new place will try to be more wine bar in style, a place to grab drinks and a small dinner vs a huge sit down meal. Either way, really looking forward to the new place being much closer to 15th and P!

  • I’m still assuming that it’s going into Philanthropub. The group that owned the restaurant also owned the building, so they’re currently sitting on rather pricey real estate that’s not doing anything for them. Makes sense that they would want another tenant to take over.

  • In an email on February 12th, Dean announced “we take possession of 1914 starting Monday”. So that would be 1914 9th Street, the former Portico space, I believe.

  • Could possibly the 1920 DC space.

    Still sad that that place is gone.

  • I sit on the ABC Committee of ANC1B – I haven’t heard/seen an liquor application for them for that area. Which means 1) they took over a current license (and they should still present to the ANC to be good neighbors) or 2) they haven’t applied (which seems…odd).

  • I’m liking this location. Even though I can walk to the soon-to-be-former location of Dino, I spend way more time eating and drinking down on this end of U Street these days.

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