Washington, DC

1926 9th Street, NW

From Cause’s website:

It is with deep sadness that we report that CAUSE is closed for business. What started as an idea for a fun new way to help others has unfortunately not been able to achieve its purpose. Despite a great response from people around the country, CAUSE has not been able to achieve regular profitability, and thus not been able to generate the donations that were the reason for starting the restaurant. It is certainly a huge disappointment to us, as we truly believe in the idea but a number of factors have kept us from reaching our goals. We knew going in that it was a very difficult industry, but we hoped that the mission behind CAUSE would help carry us to success. We would like to thank our great team and the entire community that has been very supportive in this endeavor.

Back in June we learned there could be trouble when they announced offering “adult cereals”. To which commenter monkeyrotica predicted:

“So this is basically that Cereal Bowl restaurant in Cleveland Park, only with booze and brunch and a higher pricetag? The question remains whether they can build a sustainable business model on legions of idiot manchildren.”

Cause opened up just south of U Street at 1926 9th Street, NW in Oct. 2012. We judged them here.



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