Tweets from Council Member Marion Barry Vol. Two

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  • Gotta love it when Marion Barry is trolling others through Twitter. MAYOR FOR LIFE!

  • This man is HILARIOUS.. MAYOR 4 LIFE!!!! I’ll never stop loving him #DC4life #NativeWashingtonian

  • I don’t know why Barry is always picking on the poor Gentrifiers. They NEVER get a free turkey on Thanksgiving!

  • Is Marion the “Rob Ford of DC”? Or is Rob Ford the “Marion of Canada”?

    • Marion Barry is 77 and was mayor 20 years ago; Rob Ford is 44 and is mayor now. What kind of question is this?

      • It’s a puzzle wrapped in an enigma shrouded in a riddle and then placed in a mysterious container.

      • its actually two questions. both are yes or no questions. To which the proper answer (to both) actually is “yes and no”

        No, they differ by age, current job title, and general political orientation.

        Yes, they are both over the top pols who hold or held the position of big city mayor, who used cocaine, and who reprent alienated constituencies.

        I hope that helps.

  • Genetrifiers are the worst DC has less crime now, brand new retail outlets and restaurants. Sucks that you can actually walk down the street and not got shot.

  • I think Marion Barry can rest easy because not much gentrification is happening in Ward 8, which he represents on the Council, and probably won’t happen for some time to come. Ward 8 will continue to bleed population and suffer from high crime and lack of amenities while Barry tweets about God and Snoop Dogg.

  • He continues to embarrass himself.

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