Demo of old Warehouse Starts at 5th and New York Ave, NW for Future Condos

photo 1
460 New York Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

It was my understanding that the old warehouse was going to be preserved and incorporated into the design of the new structure. Perhaps it still is, but they sure are eating away at a good chunk of it. You wonder if it’s even worth it.”

photo 2

460 New York Ave’s website says (and you can see more renderings there too):

“460 New York Avenue

With its metal and glass tower rising above a preserved historic warehouse, 460 New York Avenue is worlds above common urban condos. This boutique community puts you right in the heart of the city, with your fingers on the pulse of modern style and convenience.”

Previous rendering:


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  • if there was ever a building not worth saving this was it.

    • Ehhh… It doesn’t look so great now because of the bricked-over windows, but I think it should look nice when they have glass in them.
      And at least it’ll be a bona fide “warehouse condo” building, rather than a faux-warehouse one like like the P.N. Hoffman(n?) lofts in Adams Morgan.

      • because if it isn’t authentic then… well i dunno what..

        • It’s not a big huge deal, but the idea of building something brand-new that’s _intended_ to be residential, but is semi-pretending to be an old industrial building “converted” to residential use, just seems weird to me.

  • That steel support structure is there to hold up the facade during demolition and construction. If it was not going to be saved in some fashion it would be in the rubble pile that consists of the rest of the building already.

  • kind of sucks for those people with balconies in the building next door facing this new building… almost looks like they’ll be completely covered up?

  • This building has served as nothing but a dumping ground, literally, for the unfortunate homeless population. As an owner in the neighborhood, I hope they are able to get rid of as much of this eyesore as possible.

  • I notice the renderings don’t have the giant highway signage on there anymore. Does anybody know if it’s gone for good?

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