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New Condos Coming to 460 New York Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — January 7, 2013 at 4:00 pm 22 Comments

Their website says:

With its metal and glass tower rising above a preserved historic warehouse, 460 New York Avenue is worlds above common urban condos. This boutique community puts you right in the heart of the city, with your fingers on the pulse of modern style and convenience.

Beautiful European-Styled Finishes
Conveniently located in Mt. Vernon Triangle
Priced from upper $200s

More photos after the jump.

  • Wompy

    I was just thinking that area didn’t have enough condos!

  • AMDCer

    So people with balconies in the building next door are basically screwed?

    • Depends on the unit. Looking at the apartment floorplans on their website, they’re either one bedroom units, in which case those balconies are the only source of natural light. Alternatively, they might the big two bedroom unit (which I think they are), in which case they still have the balconies on the sides as well.

      Still, those units are going to be DARK.

  • After several years of apartments, condos make a return.

  • Troy

    What Samuel Bensinger think?

  • CJ

    You’d think with all of these new high end buildings around Safeway would up their game. That specific Safeway is the worst grocery store ever.

    • anon

      while it’s not my fav… it’s not that bad. was surprised to see the policy chance to 24 hour service though. i wonder if that is paying off for them.

    • why do you say it’s the worst? what’s bad about it?

      • E

        Whats bad about MVT Safeway: in general, it will suffice. But the produce section is Sub-Par; Meats section is barely average; Seafood section is abysmal; Beer section could be better; service and staff professionalism is close to the pits.

        On the bright side: MVT Bid has surveyed the community about what is needed in the neighborhood and one of the top answers was an “organic grocery.” I don’t necessarily need organic, but something along the lines of whole Foods or Wegmans will do well once residency reaches critical mass.

        • nathaniel

          It helps if people have realistic expectations.

          Wegmans has not indicated any desire to change its current store layout to accomadate cites, so they are not coming as there is no place in DC that has the square footage for the store and parking lot.

          Frankly I don’t see why whole foods would come to that area. There is one on 14th, plus that area seems like it is getting overserved by supermarkets. Besides that Safeway, there is the Harris teeter in NoMA, the Giant being rebuilt as part of O St market, a new Walmart going in on New Jersey, and something else I feel I am missing somewhere.

          If you get something it will be something like a YES, but I am not too high on them. Their produce selection is constantly underwhelming. I live in Brookland and we sometimes buy our produce at that Safeway instead of Yes.

          • This. Wegmans business model is wedded to the suburbs, just like Ikea’s is wedded to being right off interstate highways.

          • E

            I don’t disagree with you about Wegmans and their business model. However, I said “something along the lines of…”

            I don’t think it’s too far fetched to expect a grocery store that serves a more discerning consumer in or around this neighborhood. The key is: what is walkable. City planners these days are very much aware that people want this and, especially in DC, know that people are choosing to go car-less in greater numbers. They dont want to have to schlep several blocks with 5 heavy bags of groceries. When you think about the near future capacity of MVT, the coming development over I-395, the near complete development at City Center, and the current residents in Penn Quarter (they either have to schlep to MVT Safeway or the new O st. Development) I think it’s very feasable to have another grocery serving the east end of downtown.

            I also agree with you that Yes organic is not the answer.

    • Anonymous

      That’s too bad, because right after it opened, it was really nice. The Georgetown location seems to have taken over as their DC flagship store, though.

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty good. Although, I’m still a little amazed the brick building was determined to be historically significant.

    • crin

      The brick warehouse is NOT historically listed, protected or significant. Its not a landmark or part of the historic district (which is north of NY Ave). Matt Yglesias (blogger) went on a rampage about this being historic, but he was wrong. Developer kept the old warehouse and built on top of it because of zoning lot coverage reasons. The warehouse has a bigger footprint than what current zoning allows. If warehouse had been demolished the project would have been smaller or would have had to go through a lengthy variance review process.

  • AngryParakeet

    I would think working there as a clerk in the middle of the night would be a very depressing, even frightening job.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. While the neighborhood is slowly improving, it’s still pretty seedy and depressing.

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention, you’re on a 6-lane commuter highway. NY Avenue itself is probably the least appealing part of the neighborhood.

  • Nicoli

    I like how the map on their website shows that this is in NE and not NW.


  • Anonymous

    The design of this building is very similar to the View 14 apartment building on 14th St. in south Columbia Heights, which was previously managed by Bozzuto (and very poorly managed, I might add)

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what the development directly across the street, next to the Yale apartments is going to be? It currently consists of a very handsome shell of a townhouse and an open lot. The entire lot has a fense around it hinting to coming development.

    • Logan Res

      The old rowhouse building will be moved to the west side of the lot and sit next to the other existing rowhomes and then the lot will be developed as an 11 story building. The recent proposed use that I last heard was a hotel. The fencing around it has been up for a while now with no signs of activity. I believe that Yale got them to put the fence up to spruce up the lot a bit as Yale was ready to lease their new units.


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