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  • The ducks are careful? I prefer careful ducks.

  • Is this actually an official street sign? It looks homemade.
    Either way, very cute!

  • What I don’t get is this: Isn’t the tall fence going to make it unlikely that ducks will be crossing there? Even if they’re flying (do ducks fly?), it seems like they’d have to land just so, if they were going to cross the street.

    • Do ducks fly?

      Have you lived both in a city and completely away from a Nintendo for your entire life?

      • Completely away from a Nintendo, yes. Not always in a city (but never in the countryside).
        I suspected that ducks might fly, but wasn’t sure.
        What’s the relationship between Nintendo and ducks?

  • This is right by my office on the east side of campus and yes, some years there are a lot of ducks — really, geese — that basically hang out in McMillan Reservoir and occasionally amble across 4th Street and wander around Howard’s main yard. They come in family groups like so many tourists, or visiting prospective students with their parents and siblings. Everyone loves to watch them, except maybe the groundskeepers.

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