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  • The over/under opens at 10.5 months…. Go…

  • Yikes. Couldn’t even put up a real sign (or at least take down the old sign lights)?

  • sign might still be coming. Give the place a chance. Looks like they put some effort into the side patio there, as compared to the previous PoP post linked above.

  • LOL
    This looks about as charming/front-for-money-laundering as the *CLIMAX BAR AND LOUNGE* on Florida Ave/9th NW

    • CLIMAX BAR AND LOUNGE is a horrible place but it’s not a front, they make a shit load in their upstairs hooka bar!

      • Honest question – who goes to Climax? I live around the corner and never see anyone in there. Is the hookah bar upstairs actually decent?

  • A quick look and it almost says “Going Out Of Business Sale”

  • I live close by, and have talked to the owner several times. He seems like a really nice guy, and I wish him well. Even though he’s spent a lot of time/money/effort fixing up the building, patio, etc… I don’t think he has a background in running a restaurant/bar. Given the stiff competition in the neighborhood, he’s either going to need to bring someone in who knows their stuff, or he’ll be in serious danger of closing in a few months. The owner told me that he wanted a place that caters more to neighborhood folks and not to Howard students. We’ll see if he can pull it off….

  • Great sign. Wouldn’t be complete without the beer clip art and generic picture of wings.

    The next Stephen Starr right here, ladies and gentlemen.

  • It sounds like a great addition to the neighborhood. Best of luck and I’m looking forward to it.

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