A Look Inside All Souls Corner Bar Opening Up “in the next few days” in Shaw

8th and T Street, NW

It’s been a long time coming but All Souls Corner Bar is finally opening up at the corner of 8th and T St, NW. Yesterday I spoke with owner David Batista who shares the good news that they got their Certificate of Occupancy and will be opening in the “next few days.”

It’s another incredible transformation of a derelict property:

October 2011

From their Facebook page:

“All Souls seeks to be a neighborhood bar. We’re not a sports bar, a gastropub, a wine bar, a speakeasy or a restaurant. We will be none of these things, yet we will have something for everyone. You will be able to find the craft beers of a gastropub and the interesting labels of a wine bar. If you prefer a cocktail it will be crafted with care and attention to detail. The food will be simple, but elevated, not your typical bar food. And you’ll be able to enjoy all of it while listening to good, eclectic music or watching the game quietly playing in the background.

With over thirty years experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, our experiences range from serving beers in small bars to working alongside James Beard Award winning chefs. We have done it all from washing dishes to running multimillion dollar restaurants. Our experience working in restaurants is where our concept originates.

The basic premise of All Souls is to take restaurant quality service and adapt it to a bar setting. Attention to detail, friendliness and a commitment to serve the highest quality drink and food are the heart of what we want to do.”


Batista tells me there will be 4 draft beers, 12 beers in cans and bottles and 12 wines in addition to a cocktail menu, which will feature the “classics with a twist.” As far as food is concerned, to start there will be a small sampling of snacks to include olives, nuts, cheese etc. and these options will expand a bit over time. But this is not a restaurant – it’s a proper corner bar. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear a place like this opening. No themes here just a very cool gathering spot. Additionally there will be a jukebox with an eclectic mix of soul, old soul, R&B, Rock and Jazz. Hours will be Mon.-Thurs. 5pm – 2am, Friday 5pm – 3am, Sat. 1pm-3am, and Sun. 1pm-2am.

I can’t freaking wait.

More photos after the jump.



curved bar

copper top bar

cushioned bar stools


725 T Street, NW – 2013

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  • It would be awesome if they could turn that little grassy patch into a nice outdoor space, but I’m guessing the neighbors would have a cow if they tried.

  • At last! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since you first posted about All Souls. Welcome to the neighborhood, Batista! That coat of paint on the exterior is a significant improvement – maybe a cool sign to come in the future? looking forward to popping in and checking it out!

  • No sports? No craft beers? No $14 small plates? No to anything I hate about the “new” DC–I can’t wait to hang out at this place! What a breath of fresh air just reading about it!

    • Did you actually read what was written?

      • Oooh, you’re right…I read right past the craft beer part. Oh well. And Anon: yeah, i hate sports, and my life is downright enviable!

    • You hate sports? What a sad existence you must lead.

      • Lots of people don’t like sports, that doesn’t make them or their existence sad. I was commenting on the difference between Edgar’s fantasy bar and the one described above.

        • Nah, they’re sad people. There’s many things to appreciate in sports – athleticism, artistry, achieving “the impossible,” the shared bonds between a community of fans. Similarly, a rabid sports fan who looks down upon the theater, art, literature, or any other form of “high culture” also leads a sad existence.
          Why limit your experiences?

          • admit it, you just like guys in tights. it’s okay.

          • Not liking something is not the same as looking down on it or hating it, so you guys need to be clear about what you’re talking about if you’re going to go back and forth here.

    • I actually find ‘the new DC” to woefully lacking of sports (if you’re talking about tv’s). If you goto older school towns like Pittsburgh, Philly and Chicago, all the old bars are sports-focused and have tvs. DC is definitely one of the worst sports towns around.

      • +1 million. Ever try to catch an out of town Nats or Caps game at a bar in DC? I can only think of one or two out of the hundreds of bars in this town that have the games on reliably.

      • thats one of the reasons dc is better than other towns.

        • Do you really think that? Our lack of culture on any level makes us better than other cities? The fact that most places you walk into are devoid of any culture other than newness is exactly what makes DC worse than other major cities.

          Yeah, it’s so annoying to go to Chicago and hang out in Wrigleyville. Going to Nationals Park and hanging out next to all those ridiculous metal containers is so much better.

          Regardless of whether or not one likes sports, there is an element of them that add to the overall culture and vibe of a city. It’s a key element lacking in DC.

  • Simple – I like it. Hope it turns into a great neighborhood hangout.

  • This place looks awesome. Is it owned by the Unitarian Church? That would be sort of cool.

  • Love it. You guys did it right!

  • “It’s another incredible transformation of a derelict property:”

    I don’t know. The old facade had a lot more personality. 🙂

    Also, the in-house jargonista should be told that it’s not the beers that make a “gastropub” (“You will be able to find the craft beers of a gastropub”) it’s the high-quality gastronomy, which it appears is not quite in place.

    But, headache-inspired whining aside, it looks great, and if this neighborhood not-yet-gastro-pub is serving non-neighbors (or former neighbors) I’ll be eager to check the place out before the 9:30 Club Saturday night, and get myself in a better mood.

  • Well done. This looks worth checking out.

  • I think this will be a great addition to the neighborhood but the paint job is horrible.

  • Everything looks great! I’m super excited about the opening!

  • “Transformative?” I don’t know what the previous place looked like, but the exterior is just a fresh coat of paint.

  • I don’t think the clientele they’re aiming for cares about that kind of thing.

  • I love the look of the inside, but predict it will be loud as hell. I wish owners/designers of new places would take sound levels into account more than they seem to, but perhaps the young’uns don’t mind…

    • I think the cushion like material under the bar and the similar material on the bench seating might absorb some of the noise?

  • Cackling and hollering? You know that this bar is indoors right? And has picture windows that do not open?

    There will hardly be any noise heard by neighbors. What little noise that spills out will be significantly less than what was heard from the drug peddlers and other undesirables that used to hang (outside) when I would walk past this location.

    • I meant the noise on the *inside* – for the patrons. With all of those hard surfaces it looks like it could be hard to have a conversation without screaming. Oh well, I guess I’m just old…

      • A tin ceiling and a concrete floor… yeah it has the capacity to be very loud.

        Looks good other than that. Good luck new owners.

      • I figured you were talking about the indoor noise quotient. I think the boosters of this place had become so accustomed to anticipating/deflecting arguments from neighbors who opposed it (on noise grounds and probably other grounds) that they read it in that vein. 😉

        • Negative textdoc. I was responding to someone who wrote about cackling and hollering outside late at night. Their post was later removed.

  • Awesome news. It would be sweet if they could get the old faded All Souls Church sign from the church on the NW corner of 6th & S (the cool original sign was recently replaced by a cross made of bricks during an ongoing and bizarre exterior “upgrade” that looks like a birdhouse was smacked onto the front door as a “vestibule”- sigh)

  • Looks absolutely great- now please put hooks under the bars for purses.

  • is that “Checkers” place a couple stores down actually a place to play checkers?

  • It looks like a very sterile place, not really what I have in mind when I think of a “neighborhood bar.”

  • Looks great! I’ve been waiting for this place to open for a long time!

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