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A Conversation with David Batista, Owner of ‘All Souls’ Neighborhood Bar Coming to Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth — January 12, 2012 at 3:41 am 96 Comments

Back in late Oct. we learned that a new neighborhood bar called All Souls was coming to 725 T St, NW in Shaw. Earlier this week I was able to sit down with owner David Batista to talk more about his plans and vision for All Souls.

David has years of experience in DC’s restaurant and bar scene most notably as a manager at Jose Andres’ Jaleo and Zaytinya. I always ask folks who are opening up new spots – whether or not they see their place as a restaurant that also serves drinks or a bar that also serves food. All Souls falls into the later category – mostly due to the size. Though I was assured the quality and style will match those of an Andres restaurant. My impression is that this is def. gonna be more of a welcoming watering hole rather than a fancy restaurant.

As you can see from the photo above, it is a rather small space measuring about 775 square feet. Inside there will probably be seats for 40 or so. So you can imagine there isn’t a ton of room for a kitchen. I imagine it’ll be more like the kitchen from Red Derby and (in size comparison only) the kitchen at Room 11. And actually let me take the opportunity to share another similarity with those two spots – anyone who has met the owners of Red Derby and the owners of Room 11 say the same thing to me all the time – they are the nicest people. And while I def. echo that sentiment – I’d like to add David to the list. When you meet him you’ll see what I mean – he just happens to be a really nice guy.

Ok, back to the space itself. They also hope to feature a patio on the side that should fit around 20 or so. The description of the idea reminded me of how the patio at Dodge City looks (though with more chairs.)

While the space has some great details that will be kept like original tin ceilings, it will still require an extensive redesign. If all goes well they hope to start construction around the March time frame. The design is being done by The General Design Company – the same folks who designed Graffiato, Rogue 24, the former Commonwealth, and the new Sticky Fingers redesign.

All Souls will feature a variety of craft beers and mainstream beers. But it’s also gonna be a spot to pick up a glass of wine. Even a glass of sparkling rose (see below.) While there will be no live music or djs, David is confident that the Jukebox will be among the best in town.

Batista is a pretty eclectic guy – while he has tattoo sleeves on his arms he also talks about his love for sparkling rose wines. I imagine that this combination will be reflected in All Souls. He emphasized over and over again how this is going to be a neighborhood spot with a comfortable ambiance where everyone feels welcome. And I have no doubt, that is exactly what we’ll see.

If you live in the neighborhood and have any questions or concerns you can contact David directly via email at dtb1514(at)Yahoo(dot)com and if you’d like to support the plans be sure to let your ANC reps know.

  • Anonymous

    “and if you’d like to support the plans be sure to let your ANC reps know.”

    I am assuming this has to do with the fact they are getting protested by like 4 different parties. Haha

    • Anon X

      Who is protesting and why?

  • nice post

    great to hear about this entrepreneur and his fantastic initiative. how unfortunate that myla moss, a grade a idiot if there ever was one, could thwart this.

  • anon

    I’m happy to see PoP support All Souls. Dave (and his wife) are, indeed, incredibly sweet. Dave has extensive experience in the industry and is an incredibly responsible and hard worker. All Souls will be a wonderful addition to the immediate neighborhood, as well as to the small business community in DC. I’d much rather see the space go to an independent project like this than risk seeing another generic pizza place or chinese takeout, or have it snatched up by restauranteurs that are establishing mini empires. They are experiencing delays due to several protests. The protests might have some valid concerns but realistically, the protesters and the ANC should consider the alternatives, which are sure to be less appealing.

  • anonymous

    What concerns do the ANC reps have?

    • **DOLPH STRIKE**

      I wouldn’t really decribe what the ANC reps have as “concerns.” It’d be better described as “failures” or “shortcomings.” I attended the meeting in which the protest to this establishment was raised and the concerned parties had a few valid complaints. However, the complaints are raised by only a few people and the benefits for the neighborhood and community FAR exceed the negatives experienced by this paltry minority. The ANC reps who identified with the opposition failed to see the bigger picture for the entire community and were too wrapped up in getting emotional over the complaints of a few individuals. It’s completely absurd and it’s no way to do the business of democratic government: economic growth and cultural enhancement (i.e., an actual independent, local owner for once in this town) held hostage by a single individual concerned over rising noise levels. I mean, really, you did buy a home in the heart of a city just off U Street. If you live in the city, there will likely be more noise and higher crime. If you live in the suburbs, it will be quieter but miserable. You make the tradeoff decision when you buy and you should be well aware of how the development in the area works when you make such an investment.

      Hopefully, the ANC reps who oppose All Souls gain the ability to see the bigger picture and they can advance progress on this project.

      • Anon X

        What exactly were their concerns?

        • Anonymous

          What are their “concerns”?


          What do you notice about Mr. Batista that Myla Moss will have a problem with?

          • Seriously, can someone just sum up the concerns; I’m interested to hear what they are. The previous two responses are far from helpful.

          • Anonymous

            how’s this: she is a racist who is reflexively anti-development when the development offends her sense of what “long time residents” (code word) deserve.

          • Anon X

            You seem to be reflexively a lot of things too.

            Can you take the bias out and actually give a detailed account of the exchange at the meeting without all of the accusations?

            So far, I hear 1 person was pissed because it might be noisy – something that is not unique in bar protests.

            And this ANC commish, Myla Moss, may or may not have said/allude to that she hates white people.

            How big were the protests? is there a sense that they are protesting just to get a V.A.?

            Whats the read, beyond the “all the old guard black people hate us”?

        • **DOLPH STRIKE**

          The individual was concerned that it would be too noisy, even though the outside patio has to shut down at 10 and everyone will be inside… and it’s a small place anyway so I don’t know how loud it can really get.

          Also, the individual was upset about the fact that there would be a bar nearby… a puzzling claim because right now it’s a terrible empty lot and tons of sketchy individuals near that corner pretty much 24/7.

          • Anna Cooper

            The concerns are not much deeper than they don’t want a bar/restaurant next to their home. Classic NIMBY.

      • Anonymous

        the minority counts a lot more if they live next door and have to shoulder all of the externalities. At a minimum, a flawlessly run place (which this could be — certainly has good pedigree) will be a minor nuissance to an immediate neighbor.

        Maybe she speaks for the community who won’t be able to afford to eat here, has little to no interest in the selection of sparkling roses, and doesn’t want to deal with additional noise, traffic, parking headaches, dumpster smells, noisy trash removal, etc that will inevitably be coming their way simply by having a restuarant move in as a neighbor. The liquor license will invariably come with later operating hours to boot.

        FWIW I have absolutely no horse in this race — just another generally meaningless opinion like the rest the anti-NIMBY chorus.

  • jcm

    I’m so jealous. I want one of those on lower Georgia.

  • Rebecca

    I just wrote them in support- I really hope this gets through. I was a bit concerned about noise initially, but if they’re not planning live music or a dj it shouldn’t be too bad- and I’d so much rather have noise and good beer than dark, creepy and dangerous- or dark, creepy, and mediocre pizza. Fingers crossed!

    • anon

      maybe the protesters just want that assurance in writing via Voluntary Agreement. The only way to gain this commitment involves protesting, unless the proprieter offers the VA on their own.

  • Anonymous

    Surprise, Myla Moss hates economic development. I’m shocked.

    • nice post

      she’s just ignorant, shortsighted. lacks even the basic ability and intelligence required to share her views on the subject.

  • LeBloMi

    I emailed Myla as well. I noted to her that the complaints aimed at All Souls over noise miss the forest for the trees. Why? Because less than half a black away a major development project is ongoing.

    Look at this thing: http://progressionplace.com/

    So you’re going to complain about a tiny, 40 seat bar with a juke box when a massive multi-use development is being constructed less than a block away? How does this make sense? Progression Place is coming, and with it, more density, and–shockingly–noise. So ruining the chances of a small neighborhood bar in the interim makes no sense.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s be realistic. Progression Place will house an African-American nonprofit. Therefore, Myla supports it. This bar is a small business owned by someone who is not African American. Therefore, Myla opposes it. Sorry but she has made explicit comments to this effect in the past – for example, her comments about not letting developers make money in the “birthplace of the black intelligentsia” (her words) when a builder was trying to renovate a boarded-up, blighted vacant property in Ledroit Park. Here’s hoping Myla Moss goes away soon.

    • ew

      Holy shit I can’t believe the way this looks. Last year this metro was my home metro, while living in LeDroit, and I HATED walking there so much because of various crackhead/hobo types who would lurch at me and mutter unintelligible, likely crass, things. This used to be (probably still is…haven’t been there in a few months though) half empty Chinese takeout/fried chicken/empty hairbraiding stores.

      All arguments for genrtification considered…but this looks a hell of a lot nicer and safer.

      • Sue

        Actually, this block is looking great. Locally owned Pizza place, shoe/luggage repair and tailor. All three are great additions to the neighborhood the street and I think this will be, too.

        • ew

          Sorry..my comment was in reference to the strip along Georgia/7th where the metro is south of T. The strip I assume you refer to, along T between 7th-8th had the tailor and shoe repair last year, but not the pizza place. All of those are good for the neighborhood indeed. My comment was merely shock at how Progression Place completely changed the face of a strip I knew as a hangout for vagrants, a row of sketchy looking businesses, and later, a huge hole in the ground.

          • Anon X

            sketchy hobos still run rampant on this strip and near the Shaw Metro.

  • This place sounds excellent. Good luck to them.

  • shaw

    When is she up for election and how can I run against her?

  • Here are the email addresses for all 11 ANC members in list form for easier copy and paste. Please join me in expressing strong support for this establishment to all members:

    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

  • my comments to them…
    Dear ANC Members,

    I am writing to express my strong support for allowing the All Souls Neighborhood Bar at 725 T St. NW to proceed as planned. I own a row house just down the street between 8th and 9th on T so I pass by this property literally everyday. This corner is currently unkept/overgrown grass and a wall that is constantly covered in graffiti. The addition of this establishment will drastically improve the look of the block, in addition to adding another great option for residents to grab a drink and some good food.

    I received fliers and understand that there is a small group that, for reasons beyond any logical understanding, is protesting the opening of this establishment. I can assure you that this protest does not represent the majority opinion of residents in the immediately surrounding area. Please do not let the misguided protest of a few stop this or any future much needed economic development in this neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see this too, because I work nearby, but are there no zoning issues with putting a bar in right across the street from a public elementary school? I always thought you needed some distance — does DC not have this law?

    • Anonymous

      if there is such a law, its ridiculous given that this bar would never be open during school hours + the rampant drug dealing in that area.

      • Anna Cooper

        The granting of a liquor license is based on existing licenses in the area. The school can’t protest because of the license that already exists less than 400 feet from All Souls.

  • Rebecca

    Next ANC meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 2, 2012, at 7:00 PM in the Second Floor Conference Room, Reeves Center, 2000 U Street N.W.

    I’m going to go- it would be a shame if this didn’t happen.

  • LeBloMi

    Haha yeah, I was going to say… I think a bar next door to the school is an improvement over the current situation. Some of the shadiest characters I’ve seen in DC hang out on that block.

    • ew

      That block used to be on my walk to and from work every single day. It was pretty bad, especially in the winter, walking in the semi-darkness. The litter around that strip and the side of the CVS is unreal, too. Sketchy characters abound…even saw a guy pleasuring himself in broad daylight by that CVS once *shudder*

      • ew

        My point, that I neglected to make the first go-round, is that an additional reputable business and the customers it would bring in would probably have a stake in cleaning up the block.

  • in the ‘hood

    Of course it would be nice for that space to be occupied with a viable business that contributes to the neighborhood like the others on that block. For example, Divine Shine is an excellent addition. A bar is just a poor choice.
    A bar directly across the street from an elementary school is a bad idea even if there is a loophole that might allow it. There are activities at the school outside of regular hours on a regular basis. (The other licensed places within the 400 feet are over on 9th St. NW.)
    There is a home directly adjacent to the property. Would any of you really want a bar with a patio right outside your window? I doubt it. It’s great to have one down the street or around the corner but not right next door.
    There are plenty of bars in the area already. Plenty! We all know that. Lots on 9th St. NW, lots more on U St. NW more coming along Florida Ave. NW. So, let’s leave 8th & T NW bar-free! Everyone in the area has plenty of options.
    Yes, more development is coming. No, it’s not all bars. We need a mix – shops, services, offices.
    About noise – some bar and restaurant operators are better neighbors than others. Some adhere to the law and some don’t. We should never hear what’s going on inside a bar from outside. The problem is really the patio idea. That’s where the noise is going to come from and it will affect neighbors. It’s been suggested that a patio on the T St. NW side could be acceptable but the All Souls people so far refuse that idea. The nearby residents don’t want a patio on the 8th St. NW side as it is way too close to homes.
    A number of groups are protesting this application based on the above concerns. There was a deadline for protesting through ABRA and this was followed.
    Not sure why so many people are picking on Myla Moss. She has worked on a number of big projects for the area and listens to her constituents.
    While many people like the idea of this proposed bar, many of those people do not live in the immediate area. Think about it from the perspective of those who do.
    Why not ask David Batista to come to your neighborhood? It might be easier for him to do business where he is welcome. Or why doesn’t he open up a place close to his own home?

    • An

      I am in the neighborhood and support this.

      You suggest that we need a mix of retail and bars/restaurants. We had a nice clothing store at 9th and Ust. that just went out of business. We cant have retail if people are not going to support it.

      A nice restaurant/bar is certainly better then an abandoned building.

      • snob

        Respectfully, this is a no-brainer. 725 T Street is a small space on a block that, currently, can only be described as an eye sore. Mr. Batista has previously managed upscale restaurants with good, neighborly reputations — not, as they say, “Adams Morgan” type establishments. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that his opening a small shop here will be anything but a huge net positive for the neighborhood. I strongly support this.

    • Sue

      Don’t assume that everyone who lives in the immediate area objects. I live at that corner, and I think it’s an excellent idea.

      It’s a tiny establishment, so there won’t be that many people to create a real noise problem.

      Looking at the space and asking them to move the patio to the T street side is ridiculous. There’s room for a nice patio on the 8th street side (which will put it much closer to my bedroom window) and if the commenter who suggested that the patio will close at 10pm is correct, noise really shouldn’t be a problem.

      No, I wouldn’t want a bar patio right next to my house (but will deal with a 1/4 block), but the people who bought houses next to commercial properties and vacant lots take a chance that things will change.
      Also, I’d rather have more nightlife in this area, it can be a little desolate at night. And you can’t complain that people will piss in the alleys, as I’ve already seen that happen in broad daylight.

      • Anonymous

        I live next to the newly opened Boundary Stone and it has been a great addition to the community. I definitely would not complain about any additional noise. I’d much rather have people hanging out in an actual establishment keeping me up at night than just standing in front of an abandoned building doing who knows what.

        I don’t really understand the whole elementary school across from a bar argument.. Are you worried that the kids are going to go to the bar? Some drunk guy is going to walk into the school? I’m going to make a generalization and assume that most of the kids who go to that school have probably seen their parents drink before. Maybe it’s just because I don’t have kids, but I am a teacher and I don’t see any issue with it. Again..I would much rather have my students be in an area with established businesses than a place where decent-sized groups tend to loiter.

    • hello?!

      I live very close to here and i have no sympathy for either of your two concerns.

      Proximity to a school. Won’t someone please think of the children!!! Seriously, what is the issue here? Are you concerned that students will wander in to the bar? That they will see adults consuming and be more likely to do the same? Do you have anyone enrolled in that school? If I did, I would want them passing a new establishment catering to young professionals, not empty, boarded up store fronts that attract drunks and miscreants. Right now alot of foot traffic in the area is for the cash and carrys across from the CVS. Yeah, THAT draws fine, upstanding patrons who I would want around my kids.

      Noise. I have little sympathy here. You chose to live in an urban environment. Look at traits typical of cities. Noise is one of them. Why didn’t you choose a fully detached home in Bethesda, or Falls Church? Or a farm in Poolesville? Face it, you live in the city. Or don’t accept it and leave. I’d prefer the latter, so that those who want to make meaningful contributions can do so without your and Myla Moss’ obstructions. If you had any interest in fruitful compromise rather than being an intransigent reactionary, you might suggest restricting decibel levels. But I think that’s a level of common sense that you lack.

      • anon

        I don’t want to expose my kids to yuppie d-bags either, but that’s just me.

        • a


    • tellme

      Um. Where do you get that it is adjacent to a house? Look in the windows — All Souls is two fronts, and next to it is a business, complete with bunting. I would love to know what that business is.

    • **DOLPH STRIKE**

      Okay, I’ll think about it from your point of view. You purchased a home next to or near a vacant commercial lot, now something is coming in that benefits the rest of the ward members and the local economy (And long-term development of the area) and you think you can control it because your proximity grants additional weight to your cause. That’s flawed logic. You bought the home/live in the area, deal with the development that comes in and not the development that you prefer. You can’t dictate the rest of the community’s preferences, think about the area in which you live.

      You final comments about David Bautista are completely asinine and demonstrate the flawed logic that dominates your mental faculties. I would love for this place to be closer to my home, but there are no vacant commercial lots there. Maybe Davide would prefer opening the place closer to his home but there are no available spots or the price isn’t doable. Stop being a ridiculous control freak. He is welcome to do business in this area because the majority of people seem to support it – it may be your block but it’s OUR neighborhood. We want David and his business to come here.

      Your whole point about bars near schools is stupid, too. Like REALLY stupid. The unregulated flow of illegal goods and services is rampant in this area (right next to your house) and poses a far greater threat to the children in the school. DC has some of the strictest ID policies of any state that I’ve been to, the kids are going to suddenly develop alcoholism because a bar opened up nearby. Besides, it’s a legal establishment promoting legal behavior to those who are of legal age. The state enables it and thank god for it. We live in a dense, urban environment and it’s foolish to go about regulating businesses like this because a few people are uncomfortable about it.

      Please stop attempting to force your will down the throats of the majority. This is no place for tyrants.

    • Johnson

      “A bar directly across the street from an elementary school is a bad idea even if there is a loophole that might allow it.”
      Well said. A coffee shop would be nice…

  • anon

    seriously WTF PoP ?!? Are you encouraging your commenters to subject dissenting viewpoints with harassment in their homes?

    • I don’t see him encouraging it, but yes, take those phone numbers off.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Sorry I didn’t see that. It is absolutely unacceptable to post people’s private numbers and home addresses. If you anyone ever sees this done don’t hesitate to email me directly so I can remove it right away. Thanks.

        • anon

          You’re a good egg PoP. I see the personal contact details were quickly expunged

        • eric_in_ledroit

          There are dozens of ways to look up a homeowner’s home address, none of which are particularly challenging or even remotely secret. Such as simply googling their name and the word “address”… Or looking at any of the records Myla has filed as an ANC Commissioner. Just sayin’.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    To the person who wrote they wish a person was older so they would die – that is unacceptable. Disagree all you want but be civil.

  • Agree that PoP is good egg, but maybe you can highlight the picture from the post in October? Look at this people:
    This bar is going at the end of a STRIP MALL.

    • **DOLPH STRIKE**

      Sorry tellme, I don’t get your point…

    • Sue

      It’s not a strip mall. It’s a row of 100 year old stables newly filled with local businesses. These shops have been a big improvement for the neighborhood and this bar will be too.
      Now if someone would tear down the CVS, we’d be set.

  • David Batista

    Hi, thanks to everyone for the support. It’s nice to hear from so many people living in Shaw that are excited about our project. Yes, we are currently being protested by a couple of groups from the neighborhood. Some of the issues raised are about noise, trash and parking and we certainly respect those concerns and would like to work with them to reach a satisfactory agreement. The ANC has been helping us communicate with the neighborhood and I hate to see anyone get bashed. Myla has been helpful and supportive while she and the ANC listen to the concerns of all parties involved.
    We chose this location because we like the space, but we also think we can make a positive contribution to the neighborhood. It’s small and intimate and that appeals to us as a place that could be really nice.

    We hope that we can make All Souls something that you’re excited to have on the corner.
    Once again, here is the ANC link for anyone who would like to be more vocal in their support. http://anc1b.org/cms.html. As we continue to navigate the process of opening a business, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Thanks again,
    [email protected]

  • eric_in_ledroit

    Um, simply googling “Myla Moss Phone Number” brings up numerous pages with Myla Moss’ phone number. Or simply looking in the white pages. It’s not like someone posted the combination to her bike lock or something.

  • shaw area resident

    There is the possibility she has a fear of her property tax becoming unreasonably high, due to this development, forcing her and other neighbors out of their homes.

    • i doubt it

      There have been so many spurious arguments raised by opponents (schools, noise), I am sure if anyone were concerned about this it also would have been suggested.

  • daisy22

    Yes there were several protests of this application and for very good reasons. You all don’t have the facts. Mr. Batista wants to have the bar spill over onto the sidewalk and then onto the residential side of the street right near our homes. He wants to sit some 40-60 people outside which means the noise, smoking, and drinking will spill right out to our doorsteps and the school’s playground Not to mention parking headaches. If they want to stay inside the bar that would be ok but a huge outdoor patio near a school and homes is absurd. If you all like it so much, please encourage Mr. Batista to open this on your street. We’d be forever grateful.

    • snob

      Right when I was starting to think you might be reasonable you suggested that 40 to 60 people hanging around outside of Batista’s place smoking and drinking while school was in session would not be a good thing. Like that’s really gonna happen. Most people have jobs during the school day, and those that don’t won’t be able to afford to hang out at a restaurant like the one Batista has in mind and smoke and drink while the kids are at recess. In fact, most of the people who are likely to go to the restaurant won’t smoke at all.

  • anonymous

    I live on that block (All Souls Bar would be a few hundred feet away) and the concern is 1. that there is a school with young children literally across from the proposed bar and 2. that there are plans to put an outdoor seating area /patio area on 8th street right next to a residential property there. (having a visual would probably help readers to imagine what a nightmare it would be if there were loud patrons outside their bedroom window while living there – which is what would happen under Batista’s current plans. No doubt, he is as the post above indicates – a nice guy.) Protestors have merely asked that the bar/ patio area be moved to the T Street side (which has commercial and not residential properties) so that the owner of the neighboring property and residents of 8th Street do not have a sidewalk cafe practically in their laps…granted we live in a bustling, urban area with lots of fun things to do – but I am sure if you could see where the patio would be you’d agree that it would impact your decision to live there and your ability to sleep if you already did……

    • Anonymous

      I’d much rather live a few hundred feet away from a bustling cafe like the proposed Batista place than a few hundred feet away from the dumpy, seedy places that are there now. Besides, if calmer heads would prevail, you’d recognize that he’s talking about a very small place that’s rarely going to be bursting at the seams with hollerin’ and hootin’ revelers. We’re not talking about the next Laurial Plaza.

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention that the prposal to move outdoor seating from 8th street to T street seems inconsistent with the concern about the kiddies. Doesn’t moving the seating in this direction actually bring you closer to the school?

      • Emilyjace

        I’m imagining something like Vinoteca. Sounds awesome!

    • Sue

      It’s close, but on the other side of the alley, no?

      And again, if the patio closes at 10, what’s the problem?

  • anonymous

    There is a property right next door that you can’t see in the picture above which the patio would be next to… I don’t think anyone is saying that All Souls is a bad idea, I think they are saying that spot would probably be better for a commercial business that did not involve an outdoor patio… like a coffee shop, or a dry cleaner, or a nail salon, OR something that the area doesn’t have a lot of already that would not create spillover noise… and remember, there IS a commercial side of that property that Bautista for some reason does not want to do a patio on………..

    • Progress

      Señor – a coffee shop would most likely use the lot for an outdoor patio as well. Read a business book – it just makes sense. A nail salon sounds like a terrible idea and there is not enough room for a dry cleaner. Just to reiterate – the store is tiny!!!

      There will be no DJ or live music! This will be a chill place that will attract chill people. The hooligans that hang out at that corner now are the people you should really be worried about.

    • you don’t belong here

      What did you think you would get when you bought in Shaw? this is one of the features of an “up and coming neighborhood.” New developments, new businesses. I really wish you’d move to the suburbs, where you can live in your carefully manicured, quiet and safe neighborhood with no street traffic or nightlife. That’s clearly what you want, that’s what you’re suited for. Please, go, and do us all a favor. There are great realtor recommendations on this site.

  • Anonymous

    It is directly across the street from an Elementary school playground!

  • Anonymous

    It is directly across the street from an Elementary school playground.

  • Anonymous

    Many of the kids attend aftercare which means they are playing on the playground until 6:30pm on some days.

  • This is a horrible idea that fails to take into account the school across the street– a fact which is conveniently left out of the piece. The photo also provides the impression that this is a simple storefront– and that anyone who would oppose the idea simply wants to destroy a man’s chance at success. What about the school? What about the neighbors who have invested time, talent and treasure into making their homes a quality place to live? Adding a bar is one thing, but adding a bar with an outside patio in a place where even the owner admits space is small is simply greedy and ill-advised and will adversely effect the fabric of the neighborhood.
    I am all for local businesses succeeding, but this is not the place.

    • Snob

      What ABOUT the school? Please explain, in a precise manner, how the proposed outdoor seating will adversely effect the school and how the school is currently better off with the space being the way it is

      I have a hunch that no poster who has mentioned the school has any children enrolled there or gives a hoot about it To the contrary, the school’s proximity is just a convenient argument for folks who dont want outdoor seating regardless.

    • do you bother to read?

      did you look at the comments above and read through what everyone has posted? the fact that is near a school is well known. the implications of this are not. do you have children at the school? what do you think the effect on them will be? what do you think will happen if there is a bar near a school, exactly. the school is already near multiple cash and carry stores.

      • progress

        I agree that the school argument is a ridiculous one. And if we’re being technical, the entrance to the school is halfway down 8th St, NOT across from the proposed tavern. And if you’ve watched the children come in/out of the school, you’ll see that about half travel by school bus and are picked up/dropped off right at the schools doorstep. They won’t even see or hear anything on T St. Out of the remaining 50% of children, a majority of them turn left when coming out of the school and walk towards S St anyway.

        Point being, the tavern will have minimal impact of the schoolchildren you’re so worried about. NONE OF WHICH ARE EVEN YOUR CHILDREN. I have yet to see one post by a parent of a child that attends the school. Maybe the parents want a place close by to grab a drink and a good conversation while waiting to pick up their child? I know I would.

        • Emilyjace

          We live down the street and my son could end up attending Cleveland ES next year. I would more than welcome the addition of what sounds like an upscale bar with patio.

  • The idea of a bar called All Souls coming to 725 T St, NW across from a Charter School in a residential neighborhood is what I would call bar creep.
    As the real estate prices go up certain business’s will try to ride off the main street traffic ,by moving ( try to creep) a block or two inside the perimeter of a neighborhood. Of course based on previous licensing,grandfather clauses and poor DC NO ZONE attidudes ,,, this should be no problem,,a school across the street,,,come on,,get over it ,,we all know early childhood education likes to get the kids exposed and involved in all facets of life at a very early stage in the learning process.
    Try this stunt anywhere else and see what you get.
    It kind of illustrates that the investor/owner does not have or cannot get the financing it takes to get to USTREET or 14th next to Pearl Dive or Massa 14.
    I take it this bar will be like “Cheers” with Norm,Coach,Sam,Carla, Diane and Woody.Yeah,,,dream on,,,,
    As I walk down 14th Street,,,almost every corner building for sale has now been taken and on the window there an application for a liquor license.
    As soon as the post office closes on 14th that would be a good spot?
    The old theater costume building across from St. Ex will be a bar restaurant.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a charter school. Obviously you’re not from the ‘hood and your opinion is irrelevant.

    • Emilyjace

      7th is a loooong way from 14th. We need positive development.

  • Anonymous

    It is one thing to deal with a certain amount of development in your neighborhood, and something entirely different when a residential neighborhood suddenly opens a bar outside your bedroom window. While I understand this poster is excited about this project, I think a little respect for the people who will actually have to live with this bar is in order. It is their residential neighborhood that is suddenly being transformed. And it isn’t a restaurant, it is a bar. Denying that a bar will bring a different level of nuisance is close minded.

  • Anonymous

    It is one thing to deal with a certain amount of development in your neighborhood, and something entirely different when a residential neighborhood suddenly opens a bar outside your bedroom window. While I understand this poster is excited about this project, I think a little respect for the people who will actually have to live with this bar is in order. It is their residential neighborhood that is suddenly being transformed. And it isn’t a restaurant, it is a bar. A bar with a patio, directly bordering homes.

    • actually, no

      It would have served you well to take a quick glance at the DC zoning maps for the area. You probably live in a block zone R-4, which prohibits commercial development. The proposed development is in a zone C-2A, which permits low density commercial development as a matter of right. Its your mistake for assuming that it was a wholly residential area. Why are you making the community suffer from your ignorance and shortsightedness?

    • Sue

      Yeah, but it’s not a completely residential neighborhood, and the 700 block of t st is certainly commercial, if it’s anything. So if you bought your house there, you should have had the forsight to realize that any of the vacant lots and buildings could/would be converted into bars and restaurants.

      And it’s a patio, closing at 10, across the alley from ONE house, run by someone with a history at well run bars in an area where people currently use drugs and piss in the alleys in broad daylight. I live RIGHT there and I’m thrilled.

      • Anonymous


        what a joke.

      • Walter

        Well said Sue. I’m glad that there are so many residents who live within a stone’s throw (and beyond) from the proposed bar that are so supportive!

        I especially like the post from the woman who lives right next to Boundary Stone. Even though she lives right next to the bar – she has nothin but good things to say about the experience!

        There are so many less desirable establishments run by novice business owners that could have potentially snatched up this space. I’m glad someone with so much experience, humility, and vision like David Batista is coming into our neighborhood.

  • LA

    I understand the valid need to bring legitimate business to communities but there are some homes there that have been purchased and rehabbed to revitalize the area that are directly in proximity to this proposed business. Has anyone considered the noise or the impact to this homes?

    • Anonymous

      At present there are people literally defacating in the alleys where the proposed bar is. And smoking crack as well. I’m dead serious. Forgive me for thinking that the proposed tavern is a vast improvement.

      • truth

        I think there’s new graffiti on the side of the building as well. Yay.

  • sean

    No one mentions Wonderland and its proximity to Tubman.
    Wouldn’t it be more useful for the neighbors to have a working relationship with Mr. Batista?

    I live in the 800 block of T NW


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