New Movie Theater Coming to NoMa in 2016


So much incredibly good development news this week. Next up – new movie theater for NoMa! Thanks to all who sent emails and links. Urban Turf reports:

“The Landmark Theaters multiplex will be located in JBG’s Capitol Point project and is expected to open in the fall of 2016. The theater will occupy 31,000 square feet at the mixed-use project, and include a full-­‐service bar, luxury seats, reserved seat selection, and 3-D projection.”

The theater will have 10 screens and be located in the planned JBG project – Capitol Point to be located at New York Avenue and N Street, NE between first and North Capitol.

Landmark Theaters are the same folks who run the awesome E Street Cinema. This announcement marks word of the second big movie theater coming to town – a 16 screen movie theater is also planned for Navy Yard.

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  • Probably the best development news I’ve read in a long time! Looking forward to it

  • This is awesome, but fall of 2016? Talk about delayed gratification.

  • Get the freak out of town. At first I thought how could this make it when the one in Union Station couldn’t? But then I realize it is a Landmark. This being upscale (higher costs) and showing independent films might just do the trick to keep the usual issues away. Landmark Theaters are the only ones I have ever been to with a clean hygienic bathroom lol.


  • Wow, I’m starting to feel spoiled. The Seventh Street Regal is a 15-minute walk, and the new Landmark will be a 5-minute walk. I guess if you hang on long enough good things sometimes happen.

  • This is great news! Landmark knows what they’re doing, and the money’d folks paying NoMa rent will flock to the indie movies + fancy cocktails.
    /I still wish someone took up my idea of making the North Cap Firehouse into a movie drafthouse.

  • Awesome news. Could this be the beginning of the end for Big Ben liquors across the street? Here’s hoping…

  • I hope they will seriously consider adopting the caption glasses technology that has recently been implemented by some Regal cinemas in the area. Although it can be expensive at first, given their proximity to Gallaudet, I think they would be able to make up the investment relatively quickly.

  • hopefully it’ll clean up that areas “crackiness”

  • This is going to set the stage for North Capitol between NY Ave and Florida. It has to, as H Street will be fully built out in just a few years and Rhode Island Avenue, Georgia Avenue, and 7th Street NW all have more than their fair share of things in the works. Not to mention that things are trail blazing east of Ledriot Park along Florida Avenue NW.

  • o.em.gee.

  • Wow- first Whole Foods promising to open nearby and now this?!? What a great week to live in Trinidad! So sick of going all the way to E street to watch a movie in order to avoid teenagers.

  • this is AWESOME. mere seconds from my house! i was just at the newly re-vamped landmark bethesda last night, i’m hoping they model the noma one after that. they have the cushy new seats, seat selection and a huge bar in the lobby. the truly shocking thing is the drink prices were totally average and not movie-theater inflated! $5-6 craft beers. and you can bring all alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) into the screens (although i know you can do this at e st too, but i don’t think they have liquor?) plus the bar is totally separate from the concessions stand so you don’t have to wait in that line if you just want alcohol. beautiful.

  • Why does the Google Map in the post have an airport symbol in the middle of Florida Ave?

    • I think that’s FedEx’s main warehouse in DC, becasue that’s where they send you when you’re not home to receive the deliveries. Hence the airplane symbol.

  • Would’nt want to be hanging around that area at night or on the weekends to see a movie this area use to have bad reputation over the years

  • This is the most awesome week for development news of all time….

    Landmark FTW!

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