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  • I agree! Looks like it was done by that local sculptor who just passed away. Anyone know?

  • Yes, this is nice, but it’s also a fire hazard since you need a key to get out (I assume so because it would be easy to reach in). That setup always seemed wrong to me and when I bought a place with it I changed it so that you don’t need a key to open from the inside (I put some metal mesh three feet around so you can’t reach in). Sure enough when I had my place inspected for a CofO (I have a rental) the guy looked at it and said this was good because he would have ordered me to remove the lock if it required a key to open from the inside. I just can’t stand the possibility that someone could be trapped if there were a fire and the city seems to agree.

    • justinbc

      Interesting, I did not know this. Ours has a key on both sides, although it’s clearly from another era.

      • Yea, you can’t have a security gate with a key lock on the inside and get a license for a rental – whether that be basement unit or full house. I learned this the hard way with my recent home purchase (with legal basement rental). Luckily it’s very easy to change out locks, the only problem is that now the security gate only functions as a deterrent from a distance and does not provide any security, as anyone can reach through and unlock the thumb turn.

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