Sunday Football Specials at Black Jack in Logan Circle

1612 14th Street, NW

From an email:

Dueling Dog Basket: Every Sunday throughout football season, there will be a friendly competition for “top dog” at Black Jack. Guests can order a “dueling dog basket” for $10, featuring two all natural beef hot dogs, one topped with gumbo and crispy fried onions, and the other toped with étouffée and crispy fried crawfish. Guests who vote for their favorite will be entered to win a $25 bar tab. A winner will be announced each week.

Buckets of Canned Beer: A rotating selection of four canned beers for $10 will be available. Every Sunday Bar Manager E Jay Apaga will pick his favorites to feature.

All Day Sunday Happy Hour: This Sunday tradition continues with half price draft beers, half price pizzas, half price Dive Burgers, half price Addie’s Mussels, and $5 Red/White/Sparkling wine from open to close.

Redskins Hours: During football season Black Jack’s Sunday hours will follow the Redskins schedule. They will open early for any Redskins games that begin before their normal opening time of 3pm on Sundays, and will broadcast every Redskins game with sound over the speakers.”

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  • justinbc

    This really is the best HH deal I’ve found in town. When I used to live right by here we would spend pretty much all day Sunday at Black Jack. The pizzas are really legit for only $6.75! They’ve got a fried chicken bucket on the menu now too, some of the best chicken I’ve had in all of DC.

    • Yeah, this is a really good deal. My only issue with Blackjack is that there is often not enough seating. Those hightop tables are nice after work for an hour or so, but I don’t want to spend the whole day standing while trying to watch games. Do they also have TVs in the back room?

      • justinbc

        Back in the bocce room? Nope, unfortunately. It’s kind of surprising given the amount of wall space.

        • They really should get a projector back there for game days.
          What’s the situation with TVs in the front room? I’ve never even noticed them. Then again, I haven’t been there in probably 6 months. But I will definitely go here, if the viewing situation is good since it’s only a few blocks from my place. These prices are cheap!

          • justinbc

            They use a pull-down screen + projector in the middle of the bar. It’s pretty huge, so you can see if from just about every angle in that room.

        • There is at least one TV in the back room, I remember vaguely. Possibly two. Also a projector behind the bar.

  • Sounds great for Redskins fans. Sounds awful for the rest of us.

    • Um, this is DC after all.
      It could be worse – they could be showing Ravens games.

      • Well, “the rest of us” also includes those of us who don’t watch football, so it would be awful no matter what game is on. Then again, if you’re going to a bar in America on Sunday during football season you should know you have to pick your spot carefully.


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