Penthouse Lounge with Swimming Pool Coming to Navy Yard

Renderings via Twelve12

This will be part of the Twelve12 development coming to 1212 4th Street, SE in the Spring of 2014. It will include a Harris Teeter and VIDA Fitness. VIDA Fitness has a Penthouse Pool Club at their U Street location. You can read more about the U Street location here.

According to a recent liquor license application for 1212 4th Street, SE they will also have:

“A Penthouse Lounge with Swimming Pool and ancillary food and beverage service. There will be occasional DJ performances and recorded music. Summer Garden with 235 Seats. Live Entertainment. Total Occupancy Load 299.”

Hours of operation are listed at Sunday through Thursday: 8am-2am, Friday and Saturday: 8am-3am.

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  • Does anyone know what the U Street one charges? I would definitely pay a membership fee for this, but I have a feeling it will cost way more than I’m willing to spend.

    • If you know what the long time established gyms charge like WSC and Results, Vida is most definitely north of that in price.

      • I’m a VIDA member, and the monthly charge is $115, which includes access to all the VIDA clubs, not just U Street. I believe it’s slightly cheaper for a membership that just applies to your home club. And this is all with the caveat that rates could vary depending on when they’re running a special, etc. So no, it’s not cheap. But it depends on what your needs are. I have a huge problem motivating myself to exercise (even though I love it), so I need lots of group exercise options, and maximim convenience, otherwise my inner saboteur is going to give me some excuse not to go work out–hence the membership to multiple club locations. I used to belong to WSC (originally joined NYSC, their sister gym in New York) 12 years ago, and I was paying about $93 for an all-clubs membership. So, VIDA was a price jump for me, but I got tired of the bad customer service (from their corporate parent) and crappy instructors (that I ran into, at least–I’m sure not all their instructors are crappy) at WSC, so the switch was worth it for me. However, if you’re the type of exerciser that all you really need is a couple of treadmills and a few weights, there are definitely far cheaper options. All that being said, the penthouse pool at U St is an additional fee–I have no idea how much that costs, and I never inquired because the monthly gym fee is enough of a budget-buster for me as it is.

        • So you can’t just get a pool membership right? You have to pay the $115 gym fee plus whatever the pool is (maybe another $100)? Hard to imagine enough people in the Navy Yard area going for something like that though.

        • $115/mo is actually not bad. WSC is only marginally cheaper and you’re right, the customer service is TERRIBLE. God forbid you try and cancel your membership. Results was just north of $100/mo IIRC when I was a member of the Capitol Hill location a few years back.

          • I pay $65 for WSC. It’s not amazing, but it’s fine. $115 is a pretty steep increase IMHO.

          • Depends on the package you get with WSC. Like I said, I was paying $93 there, so for me the price jump to $115 wasn’t that bad. But I had an all-clubs membership, and I wasn’t eligible for any of their employer-related discounts. It’s definitely worth checking if you work for a company that qualifies for a WSC discount, because that can bring down the price. I knew I made the right decision to cancel WSC when, after cancelling, it turned out I had a dangling balance of about $40 that I didn’t realize I had. Instead of actually trying to contact me to resolve the outstanding balance, Town Sports Int’l (WSC’s parent company) promptly sent the account to a collection agency that attempted to bully me into immediate payment and failed to send me written verification of the debt as they’re required to do by law; and when I couldn’t get the collection agency to verify the debt, I wrote (e-mailed) to TSI for written confirmation and waited 6 weeks from their customer service for a reply. All the while (and still today), TSI had no problem sending me e-mails exhorting me to re-join–so they clearly had my contact info the entire time. Ugh, good riddance.

    • I joined March 2012 and cancelled at the end of that summer. The pool membership, which includes all VIDA locations, was $160.77/mo. Not sure what the price is now.

  • Whatever happened to the Vida guy’s reality TV series?

    • I thought that VIDA simply hosted a venue for a tryout for some reality series – didn’t think it was based around VIDA itself.

    • Really? A gym owner now constitutes reality TV material? Lol. Some people will watch anything I guess….

    • lovefifteen

      The reality series was going to follow all of the Urban Adventures businesses. So you would have had one stylist at Bang, a Vida employee, an employee from one of the restaurants (I think Capitol Brewing Co). Anyway, the show didn’t get picked up. I used to get my hair cut at Bang by the guy who was going to be the Bang person on the show. He’s still there (Camden).

  • So, a pool that’s only available part of the year in an overpriced health club and an overpriced super market. Just what we all need.

    • I thought a Harris Teeter was going in there. They’re cheaper than Giant and on par with Safeway prices.
      But I agree about the gym/pool. I don’t see there being enough of a “luxury fitness” demographic in the neighborhood to support this. Maybe in 5-10 years, but not now.

      • I think it will only will make it nicer for those who have a membership. Won’t be crazy crowded like U St gets. I just moved to the neigborhood from the U St area and looking forward to this opening.

    • So please don’t join. It’s a lovely place, and I am happy to pay for the membership. I do wish there were more options like this in the city to make it more competitive, but until then, this straight girl is going to keep loving the place.

  • I live near the U street location and absolutely HATE how the rooftop constantly has loud parties up there well past midnight. It’s one thing for a club or a bar to play music because the speakers are inside.

    But Vida rooftop is a completely open rooftop and they BLAST their music so the entire freaking neighborhood hears it.

    So good luck to the people living anywhere near this new location. And it’s really less of a pool rooftop and more like Nellie’s rooftop with louder music and a small pool (at 5 times the price).

  • The pool membership is $85/month in addition to the required all-access gym membership of $77/month. So the total is $162/month. The pool is a 12-month contract so you cannot cancel it during the off-season.

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