Renderings for Harris Teeter and Vida Fitness Coming to Twelve12 Building in Navy Yard

by Prince Of Petworth April 22, 2013 at 4:30 pm 15 Comments

4th and M Street, SE

The building’s website, Twelve12, says:


Convenience meets style
in one of DC’s most interesting urban districts. This newly-constructed signature building will offer its residents unique and exciting amenities, including upscale finishes and a sense of community in a vibrant, growing neighborhood. Additionally, we are proud to announce that a brand new Harris Teeter and a VIDA Fitness will provide unparalleled on-site conveniences for residents to enjoy.




  • Jason

    Too bad they’re not condos. Also, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you don’t get access to that great looking pool unless you’re a Vida member.

    • Brad

      I agree. I would like to buy in that area but one of the only options east of South Capitol St seems to be Velocity.

      • eak

        Velocity is pretty much to capacity except for some 2BR units, which are not cheap. Capitol Hill Towers are co-ops which you can buy, but their parking situation sucks and the finishes are not as nice as velocity.

        • Anonymous

          yeah eak, I’ve checked them both out. I like the Velocity buidling but what’s left just doesn”t do it enough for me to write a contract. There’s just something about the CHTowers building that isn’t for me….can’t quite put my finger on it. Looks like the Factory 202 building will be an option…years down the road tho.

    • Anonymous

      I believe the pool requires a membership, but you can get one just for the pool and not the gym. If the price is right I will get one.

    • Anonymous

      pool membership is 21+. Guess the families in CQ and nearby Hill are relegated to the Yard Park fountains

      • Anonymous

        Or the free pool on South Capitol Street, or the Capitol Skyline if they’re willing to pay for something nicer. If they’re in the NE part of the Hill or have a car the Rosedale pool is close by and really great for kids. I’m looking forward to having a 21+ pool because those of us who actually want to relax and not listen to a bunch of kids screaming don’t have any options.

    • Anonymous

      And I’d add the guess that you might not even get access if you’re a regular VIDA member. I know the rooftop pool at their U Street location is a separate membership fee from the gym membership.

  • eak

    You know it’s sad when your building was finished in 2009 and it feels old in the neighborhood.

  • Tired of Renting

    YES! MORE apartments. That’s what we need. #sarcasm

    • Anonymous

      Why is that sarcastic? You do know vacancies are at an all-time low, and landlords are flooded with hundreds of applicants right?

      • Anonymous

        Are landlords really flooded with hundreds of applicants?? (Esp for high-end buildings) Or is that mostly for shares/group houses and the occasional rental that’s a super-steal? Not trying to sound sarcastic, I’m honestly curious, because when I was apartment-hunting last year, I applied for two places on the same day and got approved for both the following day–and the one I declined came back to me and offered to knock ~ $40 off the rent as an enticement to reconsider. (And I consider myself to be about average in terms of income, credit score, and rental history–no major red flags, but nothing that would make me really stand out as a prospective tenant.)

        • Anonymous

          Not sure; I only have experience renting out my MIL’s old townhouse in Annandale. Definitely not a hot area to rent, but it was insane how many people responded.

      • Tired of Renting

        The sarcasm is centered around the fact there are DROVES of apartments coming on line or in development in DC and hardly anything new to purchase. Don’t get me wrong…I’m glad that the market is responding to residents wanting to live in the Distrct/near Metro/etc but it would be great if a few of these new buildings were condos available to purchase. There is just very little inventory in that category.

        • DJ Jason

          Spot on. Unfortunately, the rental rates have developers salivating and the pendulum is only going to swing back to condos once the rental market becomes over built. It’s a cycle.


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