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  • Both are kinda boring, which means they fit right in with most dc restaurant aesthetics I suppose.

  • The place is named “M Cafe and Bar”…no awning in the world can make that any less boring.

  • Well, it went from looking like a Duane Reade, to a Euro-Trash cafe circa Ste. Tropez in the early 90s.

  • So much hate for a place that just opened. Anyone actually tried the food there? Was it any good or did the color of the awning ruin the experience?

  • The new awning is an improvement over the old one, which isn’t saying much. It’s still pretty hideous.

  • Looks just as bad… although when you’re competing against Le Diplomate’s awnings across the street, you don’t have much hope unless you go all out.

  • First time I recall any DC restaurant being judged by its awning. Guess more restaurants = more complaining about frivolous matters.

  • I’ve heard horror stories about M Cafe from people who live in that building (the Aston on 14th)…
    – illegal workers who were living there in the restaurant space while they were building it out.
    – the blue awnings that were in direct violation to what the building architect told the restaurant that they could install.
    – issues with the restaurant’s 4 huge air conditioning units that were irresponsibly installed over the garage entrance to the Aston condo building.
    – kitchen staff dragging trash onto the Aston elevators and through the Aston building to get their trash to the dumpsters.
    – kitchen staff accepting food deliveries through the front door/lobby of the Aston so that they could use the elevators to bring the food down to the basement level where their kitchen is located.

    Apparently, some of the issues have now been resolved, but there is no love lost between the condo tenants/owners and M Cafe. I, for one, will never patronize the place. There are too many other good restaurants on 14th St to enjoy.

  • I think it’s a step up, however minor.

  • this is a small improvement. but really i dislike the awnings, decor, and name. it is fairly busy at night, but nothing about it makes me want to go there. to each his own.

  • I have eaten there. The food is mediocre and the service was terrible.

  • from the comments… it sounds like DC won’t have to wait long for them to be out of business anyway! yay new everything!

  • I like it — less cheap looking…

  • I definitely like the new awnings, they’re not so “in your face” as the old ones… and I haven’t eaten there yet but I plan to. A friend and I stopped in to check out the menu and the hostess was extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. We went to Le Dip only b/c my friend hadn’t been and was dying to try it… but I am definitely looking forward to trying M soon (I agree the name is super boring).

  • Hmmm, I actually prefer the blue. The place looks kinda generic-modern overall so I thought the blue gave some needed punch to that corner restaurant. Also, “Contemporary Italian Cuisine” defined the place as “M Café and Bar” doesn’t.

  • I don’t like the white table clothes, it seems out of place with the rest of 14th street (but maybe oldies need a place to eat too?). I wonder if they had to change the awning because of the condo building? Those condo owners sound terrible!

  • figby

    The food is overpriced and totally underwhelming. I didn’t have a problem with the service but there is no point to this place unless you can’t get in to eat anywhere else on 14th and you are really craving bland Italian. I am noticing more empty tables every time I walk by, doubt it’s long for the location.

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