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  • This one and the building arising above the old post office near 14th & T: so happy they are using red bricks to break up the string of gray/tan buildings we’ve been getting!

  • if i was rich, i’d consider living here.

    • *if you were rich and stupid, maybe

      • why stupid?

        • there’s always one………

        • We toured it this weekend, and can add to the litany of cries of shoddy construction. I’m not sure what amateurs they hired to do the sheetrock, but whomever it was was apparently using this building for practice. Window “moldings” are simple 1x4s cut and painted, and neither is done well. In some units, the floors weren’t installed level. Even little details like screws that were overtightened and stripped. And let’s not get into the bad design elements of inaccessible cable jacks, random partitions and washer/dryers placed so they’re virtually inaccessible…

  • Went to the open house yesterday. The quality of the construction and finishes is HORRIBLE. One bedroom had no place for a bed. Missing tiles and shoddy fixes throughout.

  • I also went to the open house yesterday and was shocked that they would show the space in such awful finished condition. They quality of finishes are super cheap and they already have damage to areas. The rooms are super small and have really bad floor plans. good luck selling these.

  • I was walking the area this weekend and stopped to take a look (from the street). Two observations: 1) the building was crowded with brokers and interested buyers. At least 5 different parties looking at units when I came by. 2) The V-street pop-up may not be my taste, but it is hardly as out of proportion with its surroundings as previous photos have suggested. I thought it was the lone tall building on an otherwise townhome street. As these pictures indicate, it is not. What is more, there are several empty lots in the immediate vicinity which will soon be developments or I’ll eat my shorts. In short, while the pop-up may be a touch weird looking, I’m all for it and it surely doesn’t ruin the character of anything.

  • Yep, hate to jump in but they went pretty cheap on the inside.

    Bad fixtures, lights, switches, floors.

    They must feel the market is hot — the mortgage broker promised me 10% down — but at the prices they are asking a bit too rich. Not sure if the prices included garage parking or not, which would be more in line with the area.

    The outside is nice, and it looks as if they are keeping the auto repair sign, which is pretty cool.

    the pop up, less the said the better. They dug up the entire front yard – sewer connection? And I don’t see many empty lots going anywhere. Two are churches, and one is an abandoned church that has been in development for years.

    • I think they had to dig out the yard to get rid of contaminated soil from underground gas tanks. Before this was a repair shop it was a gas station.

      • The digging refers to the pop-up, not LIMA.

        • Thanks for clarifying. Kind of an odd staging technique to list your pop-up apartments then dig up the yard and sewer connection. Just wanna show buyers they’re getting some good pipes?

  • The corner bays look okay to me and I like the variation in materials. I feel like the rest of the facade between the bays is kinda plain. Also, the balconies on the V Street side look kinda small for the scale of the facade. Might be more appropriate for the back of a building. I think the balconies may just become a home for bicycles and bbq grills rather than a place for a couple to sit and enjoy the view.

    Also, the way the sunlight hits the balconies in the photo casts a shadow that makes them look like NYC fire escapes. I would almost prefer that.

    • Can you open the corner bay windows at all? I think that would be nice, but otherwise, you’ve got a stuffy glass box.

      • No. I felt weirdly claustrophobic in the living rooms of those buildings. The glass, which I generally love, made it feel like you we’re trapped under water.

    • that’s funny – i could have sworn they were fire escapes and then i read your post and did a double-take at the picture… trickery indeed.

  • Looks like they left the old “Auto” sign up. Not sure if that is some attempt to maintain the historical character, but it just looks stupid. The sign is not particularly attractive and looks out of place with the building.

    • I love the Auto Service sign! I hope it stays!!!

    • I agree with you. It looks tacky and lame. I would understand keeping it if the building had some retro elements to it or if the sign was really interesting. But it’s just a generic modern box. With a lame old sign out front.
      Totally yupster.

  • I went to the open house last weekend, and this is by far the worst new construction I have seen in years. It is shameful and insulting. The layouts are horrible, and they can’t tell you a thing about what amenities the building might have, like whether there would be a roof deck. Only an absolute moron would buy there now!

  • Really generic looking.

  • it might look like brick, but it’s a facade over plywood. There is going to be a LOT of noise traveling through the walls between units.

    • When was the last time you saw new brick construction?

      • I think the townhouses on P st between 7th and 8th NW were brick. I agree it’s rare to see fully brick construction on a high-rise, but there is often steel framing. This was totally wood.

        • Yes, you are correct. There’s no steel framing on this. Basement and ground floors are re-bar and poured concrete. Everything above the ground level ceiling is stick framing.

  • WARNING: Do not buy anything thrown together from Habte Sequar or his brother. If there is a corner to cut in order to maximize profit, they have found it. The construction is crap and nothing is built to code. There will be a lawsuit just like the past 2, maybe 3, projects he has “completed” and walked away from.

    • Serious question: who buys these places?!? Is it foreigners and investors buying sight unseen? Are buyers and agents not doing any research into the developer?
      As soon as I saw the busy Home Depot tile backsplashes being installed, I knew this place was going to be a disaster.

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