Capitol Hill Fitness Opens on Barracks Row

Photo courtesy of Capitol Hill Fitness located at 725 8th Street, SE

From an email:

“I’m the owner of the new Fitness studio at 725 8th street, Capitol Hill Fitness. There are several good things about us and I am trying my best to stick around. Here are a few good things about us:

No membership
no reservations required
total body workouts in 30 minutes
classes are 10.00 for 30 minutes or 15.00 for one hour
there’s 8 to 16 exercises in a circuit
the circuit changes every week
there are no exact class times just start the circuit right when you walk in
there’s a trainer there to make sure that you’re doing it right and give modifications if needed
it’s high intensity but low impact so any age can do it
Tuesdays are NYOP (name your own price) and people can pay whatever they want”

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  • This is a cool concept. How can we get something like this up in Petworth, where there are limited fitness options?

    • I was thinking the same. Quite my gym (Fitness First) as there is nothing close to new work nor home, and am wondering what people in Petworth do for a gym?

  • Good idea, but at that price…no way!

    • I think it’s a nice price if you don’t go regularly, but it’d be cool to see the option of a membership or perhaps some sort of discount for multiple visits.

      Ex: $15 for a 1 hour class, $100 for 10 1-hour classes, $150 for unlimited classes for 30 days, which would be an appealing price assuming it doesn’t get too crowded, you actually get some good interaction with the trainer, and the workout is effective (obviously big stipulations).

      • Package deals would help, but why would you pay $150 for 30 days when you can pay much less for a full gym that offers a variety of classes and typical gym equipment that this new place doesn’t seem to have? I’ve never heard of a gym with a monthly membership that does NOT allow unlimited classes.

  • I like this too. I’m a local to the area who runs a lot at the park and would love the idea of going into a gym without the obligation of a membership.

  • I guess that pay as you go gym access would be appealing if you were not going enough to make your membership worthwhile. But if you’re going a few times a week, every week, this place is going to be a lot more expensive than a regular gym membership. It also looks tiny and like they don’t have much equipment. I doubt that you would be able to get in a good workout during peak hours if it got to be popular.

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