Uptown Tap House Temporarily Closes in Cleveland Park, Reopening with new Management and New Menu Sept. 3rd

3412 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Uptown Tap House opened up in the former 4Ps space in Cleveland Park back in Sept. 2012. They’re already getting a refresh. I called the Tap House and was told they will be closed until September 3rd while new management takes over and a new menu is designed.

A member of the Cleveland Park Listserv also says:

“I have heard from one of the contractors that it is going to more “upscale” than it is now. Much more: better food, better atmosphere, etc. He stated hopefully it will be done by September 2.”


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  • If they wanted it more “upscale” then they should probably stop letting in all those 22-year-olds every weekend.

  • andy

    upscale? like upper casual?

  • Thank God. That place was horrrrrrible. Food was borderline inedible, weird restaurant layout, etc.

    I’m glad someone else is taking it over because I really wanted to like Uptown. I just couldn’t.

  • If they really wanted to be exclusive, they’d also drop the “Tap” from the name and staff the place with Vicodin addicts.

  • Will they actually have decent beer this time around? For a place called “tap house,” the selection was terrible.

  • Bring back the 4P’s. It was bad, but nowhere near as bad as this place.

    • ah

      Kind of remarkable that 4Ps made a successful go of it for years and years there and this group comes in and needs a redo after a year.

      • 4P’s left because the owners made the rent too damn high, so these guys would have had to fill the place a bit more to begin with. That said, it seemed like they did a pretty brisk business, so I’m a bit surprised. I wonder if there’s more going on here, IE lots of neighborhood complaints about obvious underage drinking etc and they’re trying to make it so it’s at least nice during the week. Their entire business model was expensive drinks sold at half off until you were drunk enough to not notice how expensive they were, I think.

  • Wonder whether my gift certificate will still be honored.

  • OH NO, NOT UPTOWN TAP HOUSE! This place is the best bar ever!

    – Underage college student

  • figby

    The original building looks very cool, and it’s weird that every iteration of this location gets progressively tackier.

  • If I am remembering from an earlier post before this place opened that no one here expected all that much. Seems the predictions were on the nose.

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