PoP Preview – Ted’s Bulletin Opening “this month” at 14th and Swann St, NW

1818 14th Street, NW

Back in March 2012 we first learned a Ted’s Bulletin was coming to 14th Street. In May of this year we noted some major progress at 14th and Swann St, NW. I was able to take a preview tour on Friday and was told – opening is definitely “this month”!

Fans of the Capitol Hill location will be pleased with how the space turned out. It is very similar in that they were able to use the same materials (salvaged from the old Philadelphia Convention Center) and they have their signature yellow booths. The major difference is that the 14th Street location is twice the size with seating for 160. Also they’ll be making donuts in house here, the extra space allows for a proper bakery (be sure to check out the Donut Robot after the jump.) Like the Capitol Hill location there will be breakfast all day (open daily at 7am), the same menu, specials and a family friendly atmosphere.

There was still some polishing up going on but you can get a good idea of how the space has turned out from the photos:

side bar

Lots more photos after the jump.

front bar

main dining, signature yellow booths

blank back wall for film projection

front booth

Donut Robot!


kid friendly

booths, main dining area

14th and Swann St, NW

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  • Those brick walls and tin ceilings guarantee lots of earsplitting “buzz” (particularly from the stroller set) and those rock-hard seats are sure to keep bad back/hemmorhoid geriatric crowd away.

  • jim_ed

    Its a Cheesecake Factory for people who turn their noses up at a Cheesecake Factory.

  • Can’t wait!!! Definitely love the capitol hill one and another brunch option will be nice on the weekend. It was getting to the point of waiting 20-30 minutes to be seated around 14th st. But now with Le Diplomate and Ted’s this will push down wait times considerably……. at least until all of those condos open up…..

  • This is awesome. Looking forward to getting my pop-tart fix without trekking to Barracks Row.

  • The yellow awnings on the side of the building look like crap.

  • Don’t get the love for this place, particularly among the weekend brunch set. The breakfast food is no better than diner-quality, but there’s an hour-long wait every time I tried to go in. Meanwhile, places just a block north on Barrack’s Row are nearly empty despite having better menus and lower or similar prices.

    They do make a great milkshake, though.

    • And they switched from sirloin(?!) to a proper cube steak for their chicken fried steak. I don’t know WTF they were thinking using sirloin. That recipe is designed for a tough cut of meat.

  • Does anyone know what restaurant is going in next door to Ted’s? I passed the windows on Sunday and it looked awesome inside – very modern and clean style. It looked like it was almost finished, but there weren’t any signs or identifying markers.

  • I think I remember reading at some point it was going to be an Asian place.

  • What places just a block north do you recommend?

  • Your clueless when it comes to food. I mean fresh homemade food. Why dont you ask cheesecake how much frozen product they use. Make sure you ask for your to go container. Loser.

  • Love this place. Their milkshakes rock! I’ve never had a bad meal here. I really like the yellow awnings . They add a nice dash of color and make it look lively. Haters gonna hate. Can’t wait for it to open up.

  • Anon @12:14, what places a block north are nearly empty? I live a block from Eastern Market and the places on that stretch of 7th are always pretty busy (and have long waits on the weekends). That said, the food at Ted’s is pretty awful. I can’t drink milkshakes, so there is nothing worthwhile I can order when someone drags me there. Last time I just got a bowl of tomato soup because I couldn’t justify spending a lot on bad food. I do love the decor and wish their menu was better.

  • The food at Ted’s is great. This is just what 14th street needed. That and good indian, good chinese, good southern, good seafood….

  • I like Ted’s well enough. Food is consistent, service is good, the menu has something that appeals to a wide variety, and the food is done well (though not 5 star which it isn’t trying to be). However, I will not wait that amount of time for that food – it just isn’t worth it (of course most food isn’t worth that kind of wait).

  • Milkshakes, onion rings, and their Rachel sandwich are all fantastic. Breakfast can be a let down there, but it’s not bad.

    We do need Indian on that street though. Big time!

  • Sorry, I meant to say restraurants south of Ted’s, not north. I like Cava’s brunch quite a bit. Lavagna also has some good stuff, and barely gets brunch traffic when I’ve been there. Spring Mill Bread Co. has bigger, and if IIRC, cheaper homemade pop-tarts than Ted’s.

    There’s several other restaurant along that Barrack’s Row corridor that serve brunch at least as good as, and oftentimes better than, Ted’s Bulletin that don’t have lines out the door. It’s nuts.

  • Finally, a restaurant that the LOCAL Logan Circle community is excited about. Hopefully all the “nose in the air” others will be elsewhere at the $50 entree locales so we won’t have to wait while they take pictures of their food.

  • One thing you don’t see in the picture–parking meters or signs. Its been free parking for months for Md and Va drivers.

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