Lou Lou Boutique Opens on 14th Street, Redeem Boutique Moving Up the Block

Lou Lou at 1802 14th Street, NW

Back in early July we learned that a Lou Lou boutique would be opening at 14th and S St, NW (next to Doi Moi opening Tuesday) – thanks to a reader for sending word – the Lou Lou has already opened.

Future home of Redeem at 1810 14th Street, NW

And just a few feet north Redeem boutique will be opening up Aug. 31st:

“It’s happening… we’re moving into our new home. A bigger, better, version of Redeem is coming.

Just a 1/2 block north of where we are now, you can find us at 1810 14th Street NW, next door to our new neighbors, Ted’s Bulletin.

We’ll be closing up shop Monday August 26th through Friday August 30th to make the leap.

We’ll re-open for business at Noon on Saturday August 31st with a celebration that evening at 6PM until 8PM.”

Redeem originally opened up at 1734 14th Street, NW in October 2006.

original home of Redeem at 1734 14th Street, NW looking north

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  • So nice to see something other than restaurants opening up on 14th.

    • Agree – it’s a great addition to the area. I hope more storefronts and services open up, because as great as restaurants are, retail would be nice.
      I know I’m a crazy pregnant lady, but I can’t believe there isn’t a kids store on 14th St now (clothes, some toys, etc) given HOW MANY young families are in the area now. But that’s just what I was thinking Saturday night when I was wandering around.

  • I’m no connoisseur of fine things, but I looked in the window at Lou Lou this morning while walking the pup, and it seems like they have some nice stuff (costume jewelry, non-designer handbags, scarves, etc.) at decent prices from the few tags I could read through the window. I plan to stop by during open hours to peruse a little closer.

    • LouLou is a great place to find cute jewelry and accessories. They do carry some high end pieces, but most of their prices are reasonable.

  • Their other store is near my office downtown. However, I stopped by the new store on opening day on my walk home from work. Bought a purse and two pairs of earrings. Happy, happy, joy, joy. So nice to see them so close. Not good for my bank account though!

  • I’m happy to see Redeem expanding. I’m too poor to shop there more than about once a year, but they’ve got some great stuff, especially for guys (am I the only male who has a tough time finding well fitting fashionable clothing? Women have so many options)

  • Redeem is the best locally owned boutique in DC. Go Lori!

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