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  • Great news! I’m excited to see what they do with the place.

  • Ive concidered this area a undervauled area of 14th street

    havent looked recently but homes in this area used to be priced better than just 2-3 blocks away

    still may be worth a look
    or maybe a small 4-8 unit building (although id prefer to stay under 4… rent restrictions etc.)

  • Looks like with the hole in the ceiling they could be going for dueling roof decks?

  • Excellent news! Are they going to have food? Sports on TV? Between this, the new restaraunt on Upshur and the new “Blue Bannana” re-design, I’m pretty stoked! Once the new Safeway opens, I hope the area explodes with retail! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Whenever I read about this place, all I can think about is the character from the old Garfield comic strip.

  • No deck listed in their plans,As far as i have heard they won’t have a kitchen more of a bar with live music..

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