Black Cat Looking to Add a Third Floor including a 1500 square foot room with a Bar on 14th Street

1811 14th Street, NW

Well this could be huge. A recent liquor license amendment posted out front of the Black Cat says:

“Applicant requests to make some modification to the building including the addition of the 3rd floor for extra dressing room and storage space. The changes will include 1500 square foot room with a bar. In addition, increase the total load by 149.”

The hearing date is scheduled for September 30th. Updates at that time.


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  • Well, I hope this will help. They are essentially irrelevant to the local music scene at this point.

    • tonyr

      Strike one for the nattering nabobs of negativity

    • Local? When was the last time you were there? I was there in June. Other than the need for a raked audience a third floor might actually do some good. Would be nice if there was a balcony but I doubt this is what they have in mind.

  • Don’t know why the alcohol control board cares about a third floor. Tell me what the historic board thinks.

  • I could give a rats ass if DC vs. non-DC bands play there…. It’s a great place to see bands (especially the back room), has much better/cheaper beer options than 9:30, the sound is consistently good, the staff is friendly, and they constantly book great bands. I don’t see how adding a 3rd floor would possibly change their booking of DC bands.

  • Your music scene != DC music scene

  • I like it. Black Cat is such an integral part of the DC music scene.

  • 14thandChapin

    This would be great! I have never seen a show at black cat but to have another venue to compete/bring in more bands into this area. I am all for it, if they dont add space here there will be one set up somewhere else

  • The rendering is going to be key here. That’s a nice facade that could easily be downgraded with a pop-up.

  • Good on them! black cat is definitely not irrelevant and in my opinion caters less to the broed out crowds at 9:30. U hall is still what’s good in DC, people!

  • Dave Grohl is getting bored with retirement from The Foo Fighters.

  • There is no other space in DC that really competes with the mainstage at the Black Cat. We need that space.

    Add in that the place is an excellent venue in a convenient location, and I love the Cat. The thing that makes me most excited about this news: I’ve feared that the buildings popping up all around the Cat were going to force them to close/move at some point. This suggests they’re not going to move anytime soon.

    • +1. This might be the one pop-up I could actually approve of. 😉
      Remains to be seen as to what it will look like, of course. (Please, no vinyl siding!) I don’t find the existing facade all that attractive, although I guess that’s mainly because of the bricked-up windows. If they were glass, I suppose the facade would actually look pretty nice… but obviously windows and loud music aren’t usually a good combination.

  • +1. I don’t go there all that often, but I have a lot of respect for the Black Cat as an institution. And even if the bookings aren’t usually for genres I’m interested in, they’re certainly of interest to a lot of other people.

  • Wonderful News! I love the Black Cat. It’s one of the few places in this area that I can go to and feel at home. As a local musician I look forward to any shows that I get to play or view here. The staff are always professional and I always enjoy my time.

  • brookland_rez

    I’ve been going to Black Cat for years. Seen so many great performances there. Glad to see them doing well enough to expand.

  • Maybe while they’re at it they can expand the woefully lacking restroom capacity on the mainstage floor a bit.

  • The Black Cat is most definitely still relevant to the music scene. There are awesome shows there. It would be awesome to see them maybe incorporate lease-able band rehearsal spaces on the third floor, to nurture homegrown bands. I’ve never seen an actual venue do that before, but as a member of a DC band myself, it would be great.

  • Black Cat is definitely not adding a roof deck or a third floor for the public. The liquor license expansion was requested for an extremely hypothetical situation. The addition of the third floor will most likely be office space and proper green rooms for artists, since those are severely lacking. At this time, there are no plans to expand public space or performance space.

  • This is a really small expansion. To put it in context, their main stage room is four to five times larger, and holds more than 700 people.

  • I don’t know if that’s such a great idea, they have enough problems trying to pack the lower floors already and in keeping the bathrooms clean… Judging also from the residential development in the area, adding more capacity is a bad move for the future, they should just renovate the existing club.

  • besides the fact that this place is a total dump, the staff gotta be the most uptight and pretentious folks i have ever dealt with in a dc music venue. relax y’all – you work at the black cat, remember.

  • Sorry to say, but the local music scene has become an afterthought in the last 20 years or so. Nobody’s doing anything original anymore.

  • Except that the Black Cat twitter account says pretty directly, “We have no immediate plans to expand. The end.”

    • Prince Of Petworth

      If they don’t want people think to they are expanding then they probably shouldn’t apply for a liquor license amendment saying:

      “the addition of the 3rd floor for extra dressing room and storage space. The changes will include 1500 square foot room with a bar. ”

      A bit of a mixed message…

  • You’re joking right?

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