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  • Based on a notice in the window, it looks like Bardia’s New Orleans Cafe is adding outdoor seating as well.

  • This is great news! I was at the ANC1C meeting back in June where the commissioners voted to oppose the sidewalk cafe because the existence of a tree box meant that there would be too few inches of an unimpeded pedestrian walkway.

  • Actually, the patio space has not yet been approved by the city. There is a hearing scheduled later this month. The ANC opposes still Little Fountain is looking for community support. Please go to their website and sign the online petition. http://www.littlefountaincafe.com

  • I am all for more patios, and I like Little Fountain, but the last thing Admo needs is less sidewalk space on a weekend night.

    • I agree, actually. I suppose it would be fine as long as they didn’t use the sidewalk seating Thurs-Sat nights after 5.

  • Unfortunately, this has not been approved yet. The hearing with the city for this proposal is Aug 22nd. We really need neighborhood support, as our local ANC opposes. Please help us by signing our petition on our website http://www.littlefountaincafe.com Thanks!!!!

  • To further clarify, all of the other patios in Adams Morgan are approximately 8 -10 feet from a tree space (some are considerable less). Little Fountain’s proposal will leave 12 feet between patio and tree space. It will still be a wider pedestrian walkway than anywhere else on the street.

  • I hope Little Fountain succeeds in this endeavor. It would be wonderful to enjoy their food and libations out on a sunny sidewalk table. Good luck on this.

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