New Ethiopian Coffee Bar Coming to Columbia Heights

14th and Otis Street, NW

Thanks to a few readers for sending word about the new corner grocery store at the corner of 14th and Oak St, NW:

“There seems to be a fairly extensive small grocery/convenience store going in the corner space of the apartments at 14th and Oak. Everything but the fresh merchandise is on the shelves, but I always pass by it too late to catch anyone working in there. There are some fairly large bottles of olive oil on the front shelves, which makes me lean more towards thinking it’s a grocery store rather than a 7-11 sort of operation.”

The reader later found out the folks from Black Lion (14th and Otis, St, NW) have opened up this new spot called Columbia Heights Food Market. I stopped by on Sunday and was told they just opened up and are continuing to stock their shelves. The owner tells me that Black Lion will stay open for another month or so and then will close for renovations when it will be reopened as a new Ethiopian coffee bar. Updates when they get closer to opening.

Columbia Heights Food Market is located right next to George’s Shoe Repair:

14th and Oak Street, NW

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  • Wow, the days of the Big House are over?!

  • That is kind of a tough spot given that apartement building is a blight on the neighborhood. When paired with all of the low lifes that hang out at the Exxon it is not exactly a match made in heaven. I wish them well but I would always avoid that side of the street when walking up 14th.

  • This is an excellent development! I like both the expanded grocery and the coffee bar. I hope the grocery still has the great selection of spices and injira that Black Lion had!

  • There’s nothing blighted about that building. Poor people live there. Some of them might be criminals, but the vast majority are working family types.

    Having this new market will increase foot traffic around that spot, making it safer. And in general, I’m just glad to cut 20 minutes off my emergency ingredient run!

  • I just checked out the new market this AM and am very happy to have it as an option. The woman working was very nice and asked for feedback on how the store looked, etc. They’ve got all the standard corner market stuff, plus organic milk, vegetarian stuff, good dry pastas and sauces, olive oils, bulk grains and Ethiopian spices. It looks like they’ll be setting up a deli counter, probably like what Black Lion has.

  • this place is legit. fresh fruit, non-dairy milk, and bulk grains. great addition to the neighborhood.

  • The place is awesome! Really great selection of products, great addition to the hood. Excited for coffee bar too, Ethiopian’s my fave!

  • This is great! I really like the Black Lion, love the back part where they have bulk items and !injera! Hubby and I will definitely be stopping at the grocery and can’t wait for the coffee bar.

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