Harris Teeter to be Bought by Kroger Grocery Store

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“After the deal is complete, Kroger would operate 2,631 supermarkets and employ more than 368,300 people across 34 states and Washington, D.C.”

Any fans of Kroger?

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  • Boo! I love the Teet!

  • yay kroger!

  • I grew up in the Midwest, where Kroger is/was the dominant chain. Nothing special, that’s for sure.

  • I’m happy about this. Harris Teeter seems to coast on being the not-Safeway, as-close-to-Wegmans-as-we’ve-got option in town, and they’re slacking on their game. I rarely come out of HT with more than half of the items I went for because they either don’t carry them (bulgur) or are out (basic produce and salsa, once they were out of spaghetti and bananas!). Kroger has a more diverse selection and a larger supply network. I think they will be good.

    • You think HT is bad? Clearly you have not been to a Giant recently.

      • Honestly, I prefer Giant to HT. A larger ethnic food selection and fewer lines at the deli. The stores are more run down, but I’ll take run down if it means they carry what I want (like bulgur!)

    • You must not shop at the same HT cause none of that has ever been a problem for me. And I really don’t think that Kroger’s international section is going to be an improvement – though hope I am wrong.

      • I’ve shopped at Kroger stores in five or six states I’ve lived in, and in areas with large Hispanic and Asian populations, their ethnic selections are great. They seem to stock a lot of import and specialty brands the populations want. That’s what I’m looking forward to, along with a better produce section and deli (the sections of HT I really hate).

  • Sounds like they will still operate as Harris Teeter – it will be another brand owned by Kroger. We had Kroger growing up in southern Virginia – it was fine but not as nice as HT. Hopefully the service stays high – I am amazed at the incredible customer service at the one off Kalorama. Somehow they have risen above DC’s horrendous service ethic!

    • I agree – used to live in NC where we had both Kroger and HT. HT was head and shoulders above Kroger, both in selection and service. Unless Kroger has really upped its game in the last few years, I’m afraid the HT service and selection will slip.

    • Oh, and I should have made clear, my agreement is about the customer service at the Kalorama store – it’s the only grocery in DC where the check out people actually smile and have something nice to say.

  • HT will likely continue to operate and brand itself as it always has, but now it has a parent company to help fund growth and operations. Of course, the model could always change going forward, but I hope it doesn’t.

  • I also grew up in the Midwest, and they were not terrible, nothing great. Similar to Giant, I’d say. I also spent a few years in North Carolina, and they were nicer there than the Midwestern ones I remember. I doubt they will change all that much, and if anything, the buy may improve the Kroger image if they play their cards right.

    I was never a big fan of Harris Teeter, weird “sales” and so on, but they had much better customer service than most grocery stores.

    • Same – in Michigan, they were meh. I spent a lot of time in Tennessee, and around Nashville Kroger’s are really really nice.

      • binpetworth

        My sister’s water broke at a Nashville Kroger’s. Clean up in aisle 6!

      • Another Nashvillian here who grew up on Krogers (Green Hills). Like most chains, the nicer the neighborhood, the better the store. One thing, and maybe it’s a suburban issue, they are so daggum big, it takes forever to get from one end of the store to the other.

        • Ha! I also used to live in Nashville (work in academia…you move around.) They were nice there too, too, although I think HT in Hillsboro Village was more convenient to me.

          • Ha! I can top alllllll of this: I lived in Nashville AND I’m from Charlotte where Mssrs. Harris and Teeter started their businesses and later combined them to make the HT that we know today.

          • I may not have that on you – but I worked at HT in high school, back when the uniform was khakis, white shirt, teal vest and teal bow tie. For the women!!! And I still shop there. Says something about a good store.

      • I’m originally from Tennessee and always liked Kroger…their house brands are better than average imho…

  • Am a native Midwesterner where Kroger is one of the main grocery outlets. It’s a major downgrade from HT.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I lived in Ohio for a number of years and they were meh. HT over on the hill is better than the Safeway. Hopefully, whole paycheck opens up on H st/Navy yard.

  • The Harris Teeter in Kalorama is leaps above the sh*tshow at the Tivoli Giant, especially during peak shopping times. If it wasn’t for the convenience of walking to Giant, I’d keep shopping elsewhere. When Target first opened its grocery department, it alleviated some of the pressure on the Giant, but the population density in Co Hi has grown since then. What we really need is a full service Safeway in the neighborhood. The new boutique grocer coming to View 14 and the Trader Joe’s are not going do anything to reduce the mile long lines at the Giant.

    • the Giant in Columbia Heights gives me a nervous breakdown every time I am in there, which unfortunately is my main grocery store right now unless I switch to the Safeway in Brightwood, they are opening a new Safeway in Petworth, not sure when that will be done though

      • I’m right there with you. Glad to see Petworth is getting a store, but unfortunately that won’t do anything to help us in Columbia Heights. It’s not walking distance for neighborhood residents, so I suggest stocking up on Xanax, as its only going to get more crowded.

    • You are so right. Last week, as I was standing in a mile-long line, I was thinking about the long hate-fest convo here on PoP that actually generated a response from the store manager and improvements at the store. It seems to have fallen back again.

  • They better not stop giving away the free sugar cookies!!!!

  • At best, on a par with Safeway. They might run these like their Ralphs Fresh Fare format, although Kroger has a poor record when it comes to HT’s strengths: produce, bakery/deli. H-T’s rdiculkous pricing will not hold up if the stores get Krogerized. Kroger has been killed off where it has strong fresh foods competition. They died a fairly quick death when they operated in DC in the 60s. Growing up in Cleveland, they were the last place you’d shop and their stores in Atlanta were/are major disappointments.

    • Psmitty311

      I lived in Atlanta for years and absolutely loved the two Kroger stores I frequented. Maybe it had to do with the neighborhoods, but they were newish, big, and did a lot to cater to their neighbors – the North Druid Hills store had a massive section dedicated to the huge Jewish population in the area, which others did not have. It didn’t help me out one bit since I’m not Jewish, but I thought that was pretty cool. I’m not saying every Kroger is perfect – many are old and need updating, but like any other grocery store – but the ones I know of far out-shined the competition (Publix). Only WholeFoods had better produce and meat, but you paid dearly for it, and would still have to shop elsewhere for most household goods or a coke. HT has been great, but I think the urban layout limits what they can carry inside the city, making them hit or miss. I’ve never been to a HT I thought has a good produce section (even in the suburbs), but I swear by their fresh meat for just about everything. I don’t think this will be a bad thing at all – they’re both decent grocery stores. Just don’t change the meat!

      • You are the first person I’ve come across who didn’t rave about Publix and think it was the greatest thing ever. It seems to be the southeast version of Wegmans….

        (For the record, I have yet to go to either a Wegmans or Publix).

        • Publix doesn’t have shit on Wegmans. I’d much rather shop at latin groceries and fill in the gaps with Winn Dixie than go to Publix. The only good thing is their chicken finger subs.

      • Clearly can’t trust a word you say about grocery stores if you’re not a Publix acolyte!

        • Publix=far better than Kroger. The produce was always better and the deli stuff wasn’t a joke. Kroger survived for years there because there major competition was the shitholes that A&P and Winn-Dixie operated. H-T had a brief time there because of ridiculous pricing, the growth of Publix and the entry of Whole Foods.

  • Emmaleigh504

    RANGER COOKIES! I hope they get the Kroger recipe for ranger cookies!!

  • Happy National Sugar Cookie Day!

  • justinbc


  • Krogers blows

  • Those of you who think Kroger sucks probably haven’t been to one of their newer, bigger stores lately. I’ve seen a few of ’em, and they’re very nice, much nicer than Safeway or Giant.

    And don’t forget, they’re not converting Harris Teeter locations over to Krogers, although I’m sure the Kroger store brands will eventually replace H-T’s store brands.

    Hopefully they don’t get rid of all the southern products that Harris Teeter sells, that are otherwise very hard to find this far north.

  • I hope they continue to operate with the same amazing customer service. It is the number 1 reason I shop there. I agree that they run out of things frequently, which is a pain, but they are just so darn nice I forgive it every time. I used to shop at the Kalorama store and now I shop at the Jenkins Row store and the service is impeccable at both. And even the day before Thanksgiving I didn’t have to wait in line for more than 5 minutes whereas on a random Saturday in May it took 45 minutes for me to check out at Safeway.

  • Nothing noticeable (except store brands) will happen as a result of this. When Kroger bought out Fred Meyer many years ago, Fred Meyer stores went unchanged. It’s only a matter of corporate ownership; Harris Teeter, love it or hate it, will still be Harris Teeter.

    At least they could have changed Fred Feyer to Freddie Kroger, though.

  • Every grocery chain in the DC area is poor save Wegmans, Trader Joes, Aldi, and Shoppers…what you need is a Fred Meyer Northwest’s Best(Kroger owned), New Seasons Market, Zupan’s, Winco,….man I’m missing PDX….and maybe the Florida one, Publix.

  • Kroger, like most chains, varies store to store, neighborhood to neighborhood. I have been to Krogers in MS and VA. In my experience, there isn’t a *great* deal of variance in store quality, the difference is usually in store size. I generally feel like the service is good. I like HT a little bit more than Kroger in terms of product diversity, but my experience with Kroger is in smaller cities. I don’t think they’ll approach the DC market like they would Roanoke.

  • It seems to read that Harris Teeter will retain it’s own name and most things, but they’ll be owned by Kroger. Having worked in the corporate grocery world, it’s really crazy how many “separate” stores are owned by parent companies.

    That being said, if Kroger does something to mess with Harris Teeter’s deal to carry Mayfield’s milk/ice cream, I’mma be irate. HT is the only place I can get it this far north!

  • Let’s go Krogeriing!

  • Oy vey. I hope they don’t change the Teeter. From my experience growing up in Ohio, Kroger is very much in the Giant/Safeway category. So tired of these grocery stores with sad bakeries and week-old produce. Harris Teeter does a great job of bridging the gap between them and Whole Paycheck. And their VIC card is great, I saved $300 last year.

  • I grew up in West Virginia where Kroger’s was our main grocery store. It was never anything special, but then I moved to Houston for a couple of years and they had several “signature” Kroger stores there that were amazing. Lots of variety, fantastic produce and meats, great selection of alcohol (which I miss, now that I unfortunately live in Montgomery County), and they frequently had live music. Which seems totally unnecessary in a grocery store, but is actually kind of great.

  • I still miss Publix.

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