Former White Tiger Indian Restaurant to become Romeo & Juliet American Restaurant on Capitol Hill

301 Massachusetts Avenue, NE

About a year ago White Tiger closed and it looked like Pete’s aPizza would be opening up a location in the space. Obviously that didn’t work out but now a liquor license application lists a new restaurant, Romea & Juliet, will go into the space:

“New restaurant serving American food. No entertainment. Seating for 90 patrons, Total occupancy load is 90. Sidewalk Café with seating for 170 patrons.”

More info when it becomes available.

Farewell White Tiger sign – you were a sweet one:


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  • It’s a great location, can’t wait for something new to open up.

  • Romeo & Juliet!!! Eesh, that’s not a good start. I mean why would you give a restaurant such a horribly cheesy name (no pun intended) – isn’t it going to make it harder to get people in the door!

    • andy

      this shouldn’t be American food! It should be a combination of Italian and English, like steak and kidney pie with my lasagna, please.

    • Emmaleigh504

      And shouldn’t it be Italian food with that name?

    • I was thinking that too. I’m not sure I could suggest going out to eat here with a straight face! Maybe people will shorten it to R&J.

    • I know I’m dating myself with this one, but there was an old K Street establishment with this name that was a popular power-broker haunt. I think it was around in the ’80s.

  • This is not Pete’s so it is inherently at a disadvantage.

  • farewell lukewarm buffet of tired Indian food.

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