Checking In On the “1919 14th Street” Project Coming to 14th between Wallach and T St, NW

14th and Wallach Pl, NW looking south

A bit too early for a proper judging but the new construction of the “1919 14th Street” Project is looking good. Do you like the way it’s turning out?  This will become a new building from Level2 Development at 1919 14th St, NW:

A mixed-use apartment community featuring seven stories with 144 studio and one-bedroom rental apartments, 1919 14th Street will offer chic, efficient floorplans with 9′ ceilings and floor to ceiling glass, and beautifully appointed interiors. Located in the bustling U Street neighborhood of downtown Washington, DC, the apartments offer efficient living and an urban lifestyle with the hottest restaurants, bars, boutique shops and public transportation just steps away. The project’s design combines a modern glass structure with elements of a brick warehouse to complement the architecture of the U Street Historic District. Level 2 is developing 1919 14th Street in partnership with Keener Squire Properties.

14th and T Street, NW looking north

Previously home to a Post Office ( Demoed back in Aug. 2012) – from 2011:

1919 14th Street, NW

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  • Walked by last night and thought the red brick was looking nice. Glad this one will be a bit more than just glass.

  • Anything besides that post office is an improvement!

  • Just an historic FYI, that one-story building which housed that Post Office opened around ’88 and was the first new, privately-financed construction on the 14th or U Street corridors following the riots of ’68. Much maligned before it was torn down, sure, but significant nonetheless.

  • That thing, including half the crud they are building all over the city and especially in U street, is atrocious.

    • figby

      Gah — totally agree. And everyone cheers, “looks great!” Looks like cheap, ugly, generic, ant farm condos. Keep cheering, DC, pretty soon these will be everywhere! Oh, wait. They already are. Looks great!

      Greedy developers plus crap city planning create shoddy condo canyons and the slums of tomorrow.

  • OMG the opponents of this project were right — it is an absolute monstrosity and has totally destroyed the neighborhood!!! Actually nevermind, it looks fine.

  • Why? I think it looks really good.

  • Very glad they decided to use red brick – and a definite improvement over the post office building.

  • I like the red brick they’re using, and the large windows give it a sort of lofty feel without the pre-fab brick look typical of a lot of newer buildings. Definitely much better than the calico brick/cinder block crap that Bonstra architects are putting up all over 14th Street (see: 1728 14th Street, The Aston, Q14)

    • I’m sorry, anyone who thinks that looks better than the Bonstra buildings either has a financial stake in it or is smoking something.

  • Will there be retail here? I couldn’t tell from their website and wasn’t sure what ‘mixed use’ meant.

  • If the quality of construction in this building is anything like View 14…folks, don’t waste your money

  • Are you being sarcastic? The Aston is horrible, poorly designed and a huge eye sore. Typical DC architecture that is watered down by residents who don’t understand good design if it smacked them in the face.

  • I don’t know or care much for architecture, and I don’t see this and have strong feelings either way – it is just boring. It reminds me of the Hudson across from Whole Foods (but with red brick). Just boring all around.

    Whatever, there is so much character between the main arteries like 14th street with the beautiful rowhomes, if the main arteries are stuffed with lofty boxes of glass and retail and restaurants, so be it.

    I do think it would be great if we could have a city that looked more like Paris than Arlington, VA. C’est la vie.

  • Note: It seems that New Construction Equals Less Fried Fish Shacks (like the one demolished for this building)..I predict fried fish sandwiches will become the new donuts (cronuts?)..

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