Some Serious Blimps Coming to Protect DC in 2014

@mikehjr tweets us word from Gizmodo:

Sometime in 2014, the Defense Department will deploy a pair of JLENS blimps over Washington DC to watch over the nation’s capital. At 74-meters long, the aircraft aren’t exactly Goodyear blimp-sized, but they’re not inconspicuous either. The JLENS system is made up of two aerostats: One equipped with a fire control radar that provides targeting data and the other with a surveillance radar that can see in all directions. Floating at 10,000 feet above the ground, the JLENS system will also be able to see all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Oh, the humanity . . .

  • The future looks awfully like the past.

  • The Goodyear blimps are only 58 meters long, so these are actually much larger.

  • So they just HAD to make it look like a giant chode?

  • justinbc

    Why is this necessary exactly?

  • NOT a fan at all !

  • Yeah surveillance!

  • We can have two of these but not the Hirshorn bubble?

  • Huge waste of money. But I guess the residents of Northern Virginia need jobs.
    Pork toys for the sake of jobs.

  • Its no survailance – its a missle shield.. because you know, thats something rational people worry about to a great degree.

    Imagine how awesome it would be if they spend this much money on things thare are ACTUALLY a problem.. like stopping crime, education, healthcare, scientific research that benefits humanity…

    but no.. we get what looks like a flying pregnant cow protecting us from missles no on is firing.

    What about SHARKS!!! There is no shark defense in the potomac. We should immediately divert billions to that from public works projects. Who needs reliable water or elecric service.

    • The ridiculous thing is that we already have a very good, ground-based missile shield over DC, in addition our ability to scramble fighter jets over the city within minutes.

      But I guess some general needs to justify his promotion, at the taxpayers expense. So stupid.

    • This. 1,000 times this.

    • justinbc

      Seriously. They do know White House Down was fictional right, not a reenactment?

  • Thats 2.7 BILLION DOLLARS.

    2700 Million

    2,700,000,000 dollars

    For BLIMPS that shoot down missles.

    Remember that when a metro train derails from old equipment, or sewers break becuase they are 100 years old, or the police say they dont have enough guy to cover the streets, or they close schools down and your kids are 150 to a classroom, … remember… you are SAFE From MISSLES

    • Unfortunately, the vast majority of the country sends vengeful, corrupt, blood-thirsty idiots to Congress who are only concerned with creating jobs in their constituencies with the bloated military budget. At the expense of cutting everything that has a real, meaningful impact to our quality of living.

      Thanks, voters!

    • That will buy you quite a few dinners/cocktails on 14th street!


  • Come on now – They can see “all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean!!!!”

  • I laughed out loud when the blimp appeared in the second video. The thing is so absurd looking, it was like watching an SNL skit. The thing is also tethered to the ground! I just hope it doesn’t accidentally shoot down a wayward Cessna, or worse, a commercial airliner taking off from National.

  • i am really scared to think what our future will look like. the government is trying to make the public paranoid of imaginary threats and in turn we will have an extreme police state that knows everything about you.

    this should scare us more then any terrorist.

  • Told you so…

  • Can it withstand a thunderstorm?

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