Bistro Le Zinc Closes in Cleveland Park

3714 Macomb Street, NW

Thanks to @VirginiaHouston for the tweet. Bistro Le Zinc, formerly the Sushi Sushi space, opened up back in 2011. A call to Le Zinc goes to voicemail that says they closed July 18th and it was their pleasure serving you these past two years. Stay tuned to see who takes the space.

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  • This is actually a big loss. Le Zinc was by far the best thing in that area, (2Amy’s is in a class by itself, and transcends).

  • This is a shame! I really liked Le Zinc – it had a nice neighborhood bistro feel to it and the food was generally very good. Sure their prices were sometimes a tad high, but it was a quality product in a nice comfortable setting. It always seemed like it was fairly busy there so I wonder what is was that made them close.

  • I seem to remember the chef leaving about 6 months ago. I wonder if that had something to do with their closing.

    Too bad.

  • Noooooo! I really liked that place but more importantly I still have Groupons left!!!

  • Finally! I really wanted to like Zinc, but, without exception, the service was comically awful. Scratch that – it would have been comical if it wasn’t so overpriced. Hopefully this will free up a charming location for a better run restaurant.

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