Teens + Cops in Lower Adams Morgan Saturday Night?

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I was walking my dog around 11 on Saturday night when I saw around 100 teenagers running from the police (some being taken down by the cops). They appeared to be coming from somewhere near the Marie Reed School (Florida, California, and 18th). Anyone know what happened? It was an incredibly strange sight.

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  • Yesterday was the last day of school for DCPS students. There were brawls that involved hundreds of students (and a lot of car window smashing) all over town, usually near a school.

  • Damn youths!

  • And this is barely the beginning of a long, hot summer. The real roudiness has yet to happen. But you know, for the first time, all these shootings and muggins in the hood lately really have me concerned. Seems like crime might be getting worse instead of better.

    • I don’t have evidence to back me up, but I think there’s A LOT of under-reporting right now by the police department. Someone tried to steal my Vespa two weeks ago and the cops never showed up to write me a report, despite calling them twice in two days. There’s also been plenty of incidents where people have been mugged or assaulted and the cops dissuade victims from filing a report so long as there isn’t serious injuries that require hospitalization.
      I think they just want to keep a lot of this stuff “off the books”.

      • Where was the attempted Vespa theft?

      • Totally agree. There was an abandoned car parked on my street for days. The plates were removed and the car was left in the crosswalk. My husband, neighbor and I called the police multiple times. We also called DC311 and reported it online. 311 told us that there was nothing that they could do if the vehicle was stolen and then re-directed us to the police. It must have been there at least three days before it was even tagged and other two or three before it was towed.

      • +1, someone even said on the Petworth listserv recently that an MPD officer admitted at a community crime meeting (or maybe it was ANC), that (paraphrasing) “we don’t report all the crime on the daily crime reports because ‘we don’t want to scare people'”. How condsiderate.

    • this comment gets made every year.

      • every.single.year.

        yes, we have a lot of crime. keep your guard up, report crimes to the cops. don’t freak out. just like you’ve been doing all along.

  • Last day of school is Thurs for DCPS students. These are kids rewarding their hard work over the past year by letting off some much needed steam. They must be fried from their studies.

  • The MPD sponsored Teen Run. A lot of fun; brings me back…

  • Ah, summer youths. Spitting heads for iPhones, lighting off fireworks, and various other community service.

    • I’ve been hearing a lot of fireworks (not gunshots, I hope) around Eastern High lately. A lot more teen loitering in the alleys, too.

  • Not in LoAd Mo!!!!!!

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