From the Forum – Enclosing basement-level space under row house sleeping porch

by Prince Of Petworth June 19, 2013 at 2:15 pm 7 Comments


Enclose basement-level space under row house sleeping porch:

My husband and I are seeking to enclose the basement-level space under the old sleeping porch of our row home in Hill East as a DIY project. We would like to use the space more as a shed for bike storage and other garden equipment/tools than as a completely finished space in our house. Making the space secure and protected from moisture are our main concerns.

At this time, our plans are to frame walls using pressurized wood and covered with sheeting, a vapor barrier, and siding. We also plan to add a basement-size window. However, we are getting stuck on the right venting approach to use. Is passive venting sufficient?

Has anyone completed a similar project for your house? Any advice or lessons learned that you could share with us? Materials used? Is venting even necessary?

Please see the attached picture. (As FYI, we are planning to move the AC unit out of the space and move the downspout so that it runs along the side of our house rather than the center)

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