Props to the Cops – Robbery Arrest

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From MPD:

On today’s date [May 31st] at approximately 5:06PM, First District personnel responded to the 1400 block of C Street, NE, in reference to a reported robbery. The investigation revealed that (3) subjects approached a citizen riding a bicycle from behind and began punching and kicking him about his body, eventually knocking him off of his bike. Thereafter, (3) subjects, described as black males, 5’6″, teens, white shirts, khaki pants, one with dreadlocks, robbed the victim of his bicycle and a cell phone, and fled eastbound in the block.

The victim, who refused medical treatment, sustained facial bruises as a result of the assault.

While canvassing for the suspects in the robbery, a First District officer was flagged down by a citizen and informed of a second robbery in the 1500 block of C Street, NE, that took place moments earlier. The victim in the second robbery reported while in the 1500 block of C Street, NE, he was approached by (3) subjects who began kicking and punching him, and then robbing him of a bicycle, cell phone, and U.S. Currency. The second victim was not injured.

As First District personnel were interviewing the victim, (2) suspects matching the description of the robbery suspects were observed in the block. One subject was riding the first victim’s bicycle, and the second suspect was following him on foot.

Both subjects were stopped and positively identified in reference to both robberies. The third suspect involved in this offense fled the area via Metro.

This case is currently being investigated by the First District Detectives Office.

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  • Jesus, what a bunch of dumbasses. I’m going to guess that they were wearing their school uniforms, so that makes them easily identifiable. And then they had the gall to stick around the neighborhood? Unbelievable.

    • +1

      these are some dumb crooks. the area (my street!) is heavily populated with foot-traffic at that hour….there is an elementary school just 2 blocks away. tons of people walking around, picking up their kids. and cops on segues. glad they caught them.

    • you want that they should be smarter?

  • Bash their measly heads into the pavement next time.

  • How did the third manage to escape via Metro? They couldn’t track him down during the 20+ minute wait for a train?

  • justinbc

    Well at least now all the people complaining that the cops spent too much time investigating kitten kidnappings can see that they do in fact arrest people who steal other items as well.

  • gotryit

    They either:
    (1) Are really dumb,
    (2) know they can get away with it, or
    (3) both.

    Sad either way.

  • Kids won’t even get a slap on the wrist. Our juvenile crime policy is horrible.

    • not entirely true. i was carjacked by a teenager (17). he got 7 years (+2 more for another robbery).

    • I hate stories like this too. But what would you like to see happen to these kids? Put away for life? And if they get tried as adults and/or get significant sentences, then what kind of lives do you reasonably expect them to lead once they’re released?

      • gotryit

        I’d like to see them be appropriately rehabilitated or not released back to society. While I’d prefer the first, we don’t seem to do a very good job of that.

      • Put away for life please thanks.

      • life is too extreme for the crime. we should at least pretend to abide by the constitution. i think rehabilitation is possible. there are programs that do help convicts and greatly reduce recidivism rates. these programs should get greater support. I’m very anti criminal. i call the cops when i see stuff go down. i’ve been a witness on the stands. i’ve id’d shooters. and i want no voilent thugs walking our streets. but to me, it’s a smart action to educate thugs on the proper way to exist in this world. i think that has the greatest benefit to all of us.

        • or we could just put them away for life.

          used to be more liberal about this sort of thing until i was beaten and robbed a few months ago.

  • Extremely frustrating how horrible the class of criminals is in that area.

  • Options.

  • I think you should rename this “Props to the Dumb/Laxy Criminals.” I mean the police didn’t exactly crack the case. If they had fled after robbery 1 then they most likely would have not been caught. Riding the stole bike for God’s sake.

  • It just never stops, and never has. I worked with a woman who was out running up in the Cap Hill area, and got mugged and even cut by some feral youth. They were caught, and she asked the police if she could have 5 minutes alone with them and a baseball bat. The cops said no. Too bad.

    • no, it doesn’t ever stop. we have always had violent crime. but it has gotten better. and it can get even better.

  • It’s just a matter of time before these thugs choose the wrong victim and we have another Bernard Goetz situation.

    • Can’t wait

    • i’ve been in dc 20 years, and i hear that every year. and it never happens.
      we’ll never have another bernie goetz. so little about america now is similar to what things were like then.

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