Future Home of an Apple Store in CityCenter DC?

Photo by PoPville flickr user jacquesofalltrades

jacquesofalltrades writes:

“The southwestern-most retail bay [11th and H Street, NW] at CityCenterDC seems to have been designed as an Apple Store-ready space.”

We’ve been hearing about an Apple store coming to CityCenter DC for the past couple of years. Another reader wrote in saying they heard from a realtor it was a done deal. He even heard there would be glass cube like the NYC store. Stay tuned.

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  • If their merchandising plan is still accurate, all you have to do is look at that. It’s available on the CityCenterDC website and it shows a large “Lifestyle Electronics” bay on 11th St facing I, not H, which looks to be for Apple.

    Of course, the plan could be outdated, but it also pegs “Mens/Womens Fine Clothing” at the much smaller, southwestern-most retail bay.

    I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

  • ZzzzzzZzzzzZZzzZZZzzzzz

  • Surprised there have not been any confirmed retail announcements. Curious when they will start announcing them? With DC USA many of the anchors were known well in advance. There have been lots of rumors (Uniqlo, Topshop, Tiffany’s, etc), but nothing concrete. I’m cautiously optimistic about this project. I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be bust like the new building at K and Connecticut.

  • Maybe a Microsoft store?

    • I’ve always thought that was a good possibility, but the Apple Store whispers keep cropping up, so who knows?

  • OMG, I’ve been hoping for this for sooooo long. If you live in the District it’s such a pain to go all the way to Georgetown or Pentagon City.

    • What’s the deal with Apple stores? Why do certain people go crazy over them? I have an iPhone, but I just ordered it online. Even if I’d wanted to see it in person first, we’re talking a once-every-three-years purchase. So it’s not like the store has to be super-convenient. Can someone please explain?

      • Seriously. Electronics stores are mostly just a waste of space, especially massively large ones like the Apple Store.

      • I came here to post the same thing. I have half a dozen Apple products in my home, but I ordered almost all of them online. Apple stores always seem to be overcrowded with people to the point that it’s difficult to really spend any quality time testing out a product, much less getting some actual interaction with a member of their staff.

        And who wants to wait in line for the latest iPhone, when you could’ve ordered it a week ago and had it delivered to your home the exact same day as it was released? People who require a lot of attention and/or have lots of free time on their hands?

        • Maybe it’s more of a place to be seen than to do actual shopping? Perhaps H Streeter can shed some light on it.

      • Not everyone knows what they want when it comes to purchasing an electronic product. I knew I wanted either an iPad or iPad mini, but it was only when I went to a store to buy it that I realized I’d prefer one over the other. Plus, some people enjoy immediate satisfaction. Have you been in an Apple store ever? They are most often packed, so while perhaps you enjoy online shopping, it seems clear there are a lot of consumers unwilling to spend $2,000 on something they haven’t even seen in person yet.

        They also have the whole genius bar thing where tech unsavvy folks can go get lessons on how to use their devices. And frankly that always seems fairly busy as well.

        As someone who works nearby to this, I’m pretty stoked if it is true. I enjoy immediate satisfaction when I decide I want something, and this will allow me to have it. And it is a bit ridiculous that Apple hasn’t moved into the downtown area yet. You may not enjoy Apple products, but it (and the new JCrew) are a sign to me that DC’s downtown is truly becoming a real place to live and work.

        • Yeah, I figured those must be the reasons people like to go there. I guess I’m just surprised there are enough people like you making Apple purchases frequently enough for these stores to be so popular.

          • +1, I feel like I’m the last person in this town who isn’t wandering around with a $2,500 MacBook Pro under his or her arm.

      • because it’s one of the few retails stores that are actually fun to go in.

      • I agree that I don’t really understand the whole apple-store thing. I could see wandering in to try things out, but going crazy over it and lining up to be the first to get something is just bizarre as far as I’m concerned. Even though I wouldn’t really use it, I like the effects of having one. For whatever reason, they do attract a lot of people. You need a lot of foot traffic for this retail area to be successful, so anything that draws people in is great. I like the idea of a Tiffany’s for similar reasons: it is sort of a certificate that the area has a high-end feel. (Note that I haven’t seen any credible reports that Tiffany’s is even considering moving in.)

  • Does this mean there will be a Sweetgreen to follow?

  • I don’t see what about that space that makes it “apple store ready” any more than any of the other spots in the development. In fact, the presence of multiple entrances / a subdivided space makes it less likely, as it would yield a relatively small store for apple. I think the OP just equates glass with apple, which is ridiculous.

    I think Dno is on point here. The merchandising plan was last updated fairly recently (march), so I’d be more inclined to believe it. Moreover, the north side with unobstructed sight across the park seems more like what Apple would want. Of course, things can change, but I don’t see anything about the photo that suggests any new facts or reason to believe the lot has moved.

    As for announcements, I think the developer believes that being mysterious is more productive in terms of locking in deals. Last I heard, 30% of the phase 1 retail (~160,000 sq ft if I recall) had been all but confirmed. That sounds like a pretty big number at first glance. However, 30% is not many stores when it comes down to it, so if they start announcing the stores themselves it would sound like nothing—Del Frisco for 17k sq ft + apple for 16k + whatever the market is for 4.5k + DBGB for 6 to 9k is already about 30% of the retail. (The reason I speculate the market has been locked in is that they reduced the footprint on the merchandising plan from about 11k square feet to 4.5k square feet, which leads me to guess that they have a particular tenant in mind.) Would you go shouting it from the rooftops if you managed to lock in 4 stores out of 40+ lots? I wouldn’t, even if they’re the biggest ones.

    • Interesting, Hope the 30% figure is outdated. Especially since the offerings are so underwhelming. Downtown needs retail, not restaurants. Also, it’s disappointing to see the market scaled down.

      • The 30% figure is something I read recently, but I can’t find the source now. It was almost certainly not official, e.g., something on curbed/urbanturf/popville/etc, which are not known for their reliability. I intended my 4/40+ number to sound negative, but realistically I don’t know if one would expect the smaller lots to be filled before opening—would smaller retailers make a commitment far in advance? But it is disappointing if not all the bigger lots are booked. I am hoping for the Tiffany’s and a high-end department store.

        • I definitely hope it’s a higher end, but not totally useless high end, set of retail stores. I’d love to see a Bloomingdales like the one in Chevy Chase go in and replace that awful Macy’s downtown. It’s ridiculous with so many law firms downtown, that there is nowhere to go buy nice clothing.
          And I agree. Enough with the restaurants.

    • Del Friscos? Why would they move there when they just opened less than three blocks away? Or is the steak house Del Friscos and not the grill?

      • The Del Frisco is supposed to be the full steak house, not just the grill as on Penn Ave. Bloomingdales would be nice, but I would also accept Saks or Barneys.

        I agree that the lawyer types seem to be surprisingly underserved downtown. Even though I am not one of them, I would still like to see a good tailor/bespoke clothing option as well as a fine men’s shoe store (e.g., the return of Church’s). Either of these would be good options for one of the smaller retail lots.

  • I hope they have an alarm system. that is all

    • Why, when the hoodlums in DC can just steal your iphone out of your hand or off the table where you’re eating?

  • It is true that an Apple store is going into CityCenterDC, but jacquesofalltrades has the location wrong. The Apple store will be in the northwestern part of the development. The store will be on the first floor of the office building at the corner of 11th and NY Ave and will open up to the park, which will sit at the northwest corner of the development.

    Several months ago CCDC covered the windows to the retail space at the northwestern corner of the development, presumably because Apple did not want onlookers to know that the space would be used for an Apple store.

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