Washington, DC

City Center Rising Downtown at 9th-11th Street, NW

The huge CityCenter DC development on the site of the former Convention Center has been the subject of much speculation about who may or may not be going into the many available retail spaces. One of the biggest teases we’ve heard was the possibility of an Eataly (market place and restaurants.)

CityCenter DC’s Website says:

“Retail emphasis will focus on a broad range of distinctive restaurants and cafes, grocery/market foods, entertainment and performance venues, fashion and specialty retail, and neighborhood services. Thirty percent of retail space will be devoted to merchants with six or fewer stores in the United States.”

But last week a commenter felt strongly that:

“As for Apple, they probably won’t go to Union Station; however, they are going to City Center… They plan to open a flagship store at the corner of 11th and NY… Watch for this and more official announcements soon (think Top Shop, Uniqlo, etc.)”

So what would you rather see come to CityCenter – more restaurants including something on the scale of an Eataly or more fashion and specialty retail like an Apple store, Uniqlo etc.? In reality do you think this development can/will have a mix of both restaurants and specialty retail?


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