Einstein Bagels Coming to Long Vacant Former Vespa Space in Glover Park

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An eagle eyed reader spots the above zoning notice for an Einstein bagels to come to the long vacant Vespa showroom at 2233 Wisconsin Ave, NW in Glover Park. There used to be an Einstein bagels at 1815 Wisconsin Ave, NW which closed in July 2011. The long awaited Einstein bagels in Union Station recently opened in March 2013.

Photo of former Vespa space at 2233 Wisconsin Ave, NW via google street view.

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  • Across the street from Brueggers? It’s a bagel boom!

    /cue standard POP discussion of how there is a serious lack of good bagels in DC.

    • Oh please, not another “You just can’t good [insert name of food group here] outside of [insert name of city or region here].” It’s bullshit.

      • Actually, Eisnteins are really crappy bagels and there aren’t many good bagel places in DC.

      • No, it really IS a problem! I could get better bagels in Iowa than I can in DC.
        Brueggers actually has the second best bagels in DC, after Bethesda Bagels. That is pretty sad.

  • That location was the original relocation plan for the Einstein’s by Safeway, but I thought I had heard that Einstein’s had decided against it. Guess I heard wrong.

    Either way, does anyone know if it will be in the Vespa space, the “Fan Fair” space, or both?

  • GP is growing but not that fast. Can’t see how it can support two Bagel places. Seems like a dumb move to me.

  • The one thing the old Einstein’s location had going for it was the parking lot, where you could quickly pop in and pick up a dozen bagels. This one is a little less convenient, for sure, and if I’m driving, it’s probably easier to find parking around Bethesda Bagel in Dupont on a Saturday morning, anyway.

    • Awesome location for people who actually live in Glover Park. Less foot traffic like the one that was down by the old safeway. Brueggers sucks so this is great for all those people who aren’t NY bagel snobs

  • Christopher — that’s because you’re thinking of it as a bagel place, when in reality, Einstein’s will likely have much more floor space, operate as a cafe/bagel place and compete with Starbucks as much as it does Brueggers.

    Ultimately, Brueggers’ business may suffer, but in a market starved for “third spaces,” I imagine Einstein’s will do just fine.

  • Excellent news – it will liven up the plaza at that building and add to GP. With all the strollers in the neighborhood, GP can for sure support another bagel shop. I like Noah’s/Einsteins much better than Brueggers so win for me!

  • Great: two bagel places to go with the two burrito places. In all seriousness, if someone would just open a decent coffee shop to take on SBX!

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