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  • cottontails


    How sad is it that I’m lamenting the loss of Einsteins? Any of you in PoPville know where a girl can get a decent bagel inside the District?

  • Mike

    That entire building is being torn down

  • Anonymous

    Yep- this strip is being redeveloped by Safeway and their development partner.

  • Johnny

    I won’t miss Einstien but the Paper Store/Party Store that was there as long as I can remember. I’ll miss that place. Are there any renderings of the new building that will take its place?

  • Mike

    If you go on the Safeway web site, there was a drawing at some point about 6 months ago.

  • Lisa

    Whatsa bagel AKA Bethesda bagel is the best bagel in the metro area IMHO…I’m pretty sure Dean & Deluca get their bagels from them.You could call them and ask who they wholesale with.

  • Anonymous

    The lack of real Deli/Bagel place in this town is enough to make one consider moving.

    • Anonymous

      life is so rough here.

  • Andy(2)

    Here is a Georgetown blog discussion of the Safeway Annex:

    The signs say by Fall 2011 it’ll be open. I think that is a bit optomistic but they did manage to demolish and reopen the Safeway in a little over a year.

  • NE DC

    A new Einstein is opening up in Union Station, next to McDonald’s. So DC won’t be without one for too long!

  • davidj

    I’ll almost miss that operation. When my kids were in Hardy Middle School across the street I went there a fair amount. But they graduated and I’ve only been there two or three times in the years since. And it’s an awful building, badly designed and shoddily constructed (hey, like the building my office is in!), and the replacement can hardly be any worse and will likely be much better. Plus, Union Station is much more convenient to where I live than upper Georgetown/Burleith.

  • andy

    should reopen as Frankenstein bagels.

  • Johnny

    What is the point of knocking this down and replacing it with another 1 story building and parking lot. If you are going to go through the trouble why not place a couple additional stories of offices on top.


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