Mothership Hosting “Feast of the Beast” Wed. June 5th


From an email:

On Wednesday June 5th,  Mothership will host Feast of the Beast — a 5 course meal featuring wild boar. The event starts at 7:00 with passed hors d’oeurves; dinner at 7:45. The cost is $135 per person/$185 with pairing. We are taking reservations at [email protected] or by calling Elizabeth at 703.981.2874.

3301 Georgia Ave, NW

Check out the menu after the jump.

Feast of the Beast –Broadleaf Farms Wild Boar

Wednesday, June 5th

Passed Hors D’oeuvres

Steamed Boar Belly Buns

Mini BLT’s

Prosciutto wrapped Figs with Echo Mountain Blue

House Pickles

Loin & Tenderloin Tartare

Maple & Miso Roasted belly with House Pickle Salad, Minus 8 Vinegar

Prosciutto wrapped Tenderloin, Celeriac Purée, Cranberry Compote

Ras El Hanout Rubbed Rack, Date Wheat Berry Stuffed Roma Tomato

Boar Bacon, Salt & Caramel Panna Cotta

$135 per person (includes tax + gratuity). $50 for wine/beer/alcohol pairing
For obvious reasons will not have vegetarian course options at this dinner.

Passed hors d’oeuvres starting at 7:00; dinner at 7:45.

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  • Faded dreams that Mothership would be another affordable, laid back neighborhood bar/restaurant have finally/officially been crushed. Still glad to have it around, however.

    • I’m pretty cheap and anti-Bourgeois. In their defense, the one time I went there I thought the prices were reasonable. The atmosphere… that’s another matter.

      It’s good for a date, but not the salt of the Earth.

  • I had boar before, it didn’t cost $135.

    • If you’re still hungry afterwords, you can go right across the street and get a combination platter from Eddie Leonard’s for 8$…

  • Is Xavier Cervera involved somehow? I think every one of his restaurants had wild boar on the menu.

  • Yeah I mean, that’s nice and all but for $135 I would go to Komi instead…

    Not hating, just sayin’

    • My buddy would do a massive pig pit roast in his backyard in Woodley Park. He’d go out to a farm in VA, shoot the pig, clean it, and truck it back in. He’d make a ton of side dishes and get a couple kegs. 60 people would show up and we’d each pay $25 for his effort. That was more than enough to cover all his costs.

      I fail to see why this should cost $135. I don’t think anyone is going to show up at that price point. Sheesh.

      • justinbc

        Simply cooking a pig in a pit / grill / whatever is not exactly the same as preparing multiple courses of it in a restaurant. You can buy a steak at Safeway for $6, yet people still pay $50 for a mediocre version of it at Capital Grill. Many things about restaurant menus and pricing are more than just “you could buy this for cheaper so we’ll give it to you for that arbitrary price”. Still, having said all that, I think this is overpriced for a very new establishment.

      • it’s worth noting that a few weeks back, they did a whole pig roast. the whole-pig plate was something like 14 bucks. this is boar. it’s different.

  • WHAT? Where’s my tofu faux-boar dish? This place is soooooooooo not vegetarian friendly. My herbivorous palate is so OFFENDED!

  • I don’t understand how this is $135/person. That is absurd. I am sure it would be quite tasty, but I agree with above, if I was going to spend $400 on a night out, this would not be my choice.

  • Also, I don’t get how wild boar can come from a farm.

    I am however happy to be enlightened…

  • Price is absurd. I recently went to a lovely wine-pairing dinner at Maple for $65.00 which included wine, tax and tip. Even if wild boar is more expensive per pound than say – barnyard boar, the major cost of a dinner is still in the labor. $185.00 is crazy talk.

    • Bwah ha ha, exactly – we have tons of these nasty beasts roaming around on my family’s farm in Texas. Sending this link home – my family will get a kick out of hearing people actually pay this exorbitant amount to eat wild boar.

  • Dear PoPville followers,

    Thanks for the feedback. I have taken your comments to heart and decided to produce the dinner at cost. Tickets for the 5 courses + passed hors d’oeuvres will be $85, which includes tax but not gratuity.

    As a veteran chef who spent the last three years running a food truck I am excited to run my own restaurant. My hope for Mothership is to offer a neighborhood restaurant that occasionally allows me to flex my creative/artistic culinary muscle, which does come at a cost in terms of labor and product.

    Thanks again for your feedback,

    Stephan Boillon
    Owner – Mothership

    • Hey, if you can get people to pay that much then more power to you! There seem to be a lot of these $75+ food events, and I always wonder who on Earth all these people are that can afford them.

    • So with a decent gratuity it will be $99.00 instead of $135.00. Is the drinks pairing still $50.00?

    • Thanks for listening to the comments. I don’t eat pork but hope the event is a success. Food is great and I enjoy enjoy your restaurant. Hoping for a couple of reasonably priced sandwiches on the menu soon? 🙂

    • Props to Stephan for that response to feedback. I live nearby, have been for dinner and brunch and enjoyed both. Mothership is a welcome addition to Park View. At the new price point I would likely go were I in town on June 5th. Good luck with the feast!

    • justinbc

      That’s pretty awesome. Props to you Stephen.

  • gotryit

    Wow, and I thought they were a bit pricey for what I get on a regular day. Can PoP do a profile on who actually pays that? I’m really curious.

    • Where do you eat on a normal day? I find their everyday prices to be very reasonable for what they are serving up. It isn’t McDonalds, or chinese take-away, but a similar style of casual dining on Capitol Hill, Out at Clarendon or on U Street will cost the same, if not more. The concept of “Farm to table” isn’t cheap, but $14-$20 for dinner is totally reasonable for this sort of fare.
      And I would pay this sort of price- it is a special event, something I will probably never get to do again. I save up for these sort of events and go once or twice a year as a huge treat to myself and my husband.

  • i actually like mothership because i feel like they offer interesting food for reasonable prices. their normal dinner prices for entrees are 10-14 bucks. i think, given the quality of the food, that’s pretty manageable.

    this is a special event at the restaurant (for a very special / high price) that should not be confused with their daily offerings.

  • Had delicious vegetarian risotto there last night. Would love to go to a dinner like this if I ate meat. Maybe next time. 🙂 I love this place and hope they’re around for years.

  • Maybe at these prices Mothership can finally afford to spend some time to hire servers who are experienced (and know how to hustle a bit as well as how to be helpful) and who care about their job. Sadly, the times I have gone to this restaurant, I found neither qualities in the waitstaff. Whether it’s that the kitchen moves too slowly or the front of the house is just too green/careless, I’m not sure. What I do know is that, despite wanting to happily support this neighborhood restaurant, I have vowed to not bother coming back after being burned a few times by poor service and just mediocre food.

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