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  • andy

    Ahhh, it’s like being in the Caribbean or Charleston or something.

  • my fave street in DC hands down

  • I’d be pissed if my neighbor painted their house with day-glo paint. Not sure why y’all like these poor decisions.

    • Well, then I hope someone pisses you off, because I think most people like this look.

      • I like most of the colors of the houses on this street… but this one is too much.

        I might be able to stomach the bright blue on its own, but definitely not with the bright mustard trim.

      • I love it. Purple and orange, green and black, blue and yellow, bring it on!

    • problem is that you don’t get to make that decision… you should just let that one go otherwise you will just be an unhappy/stressed person.

    • The blue/gold house is definitely the brightest one on this block, but there are also a lot of other bright houses not in the frame of these pics. It works on this block, since so many other houses have interesting/vivid color combinations.

  • Looks really nice, just wish they didn’t have the bars on the windows/doors (am I being naive if I say that they could be removed?).

    • Why are people so against bars? I think they’re a smart idea no matter where you live. Maybe if they were more accepted in this country we wouldn’t be paying higher insurance premiums and tying up our police with preventable break-ins.

      • Er, maybe it’s because it reminds people of a prison, which isn’t exactly a positive thing. I understand that unfortunately it is necessity in some areas, but I’m just not sure if that’s the case in this instance.

        • It’s never a necessity, and your risk of being burglarized is greater without bars no matter where you live. You act like it’s black and white: either you live in a “bad” neighborhood and are forced to have bars, or you live in a good neighborhood and don’t need them.

    • I’d rather see window bars on my block than have myself or one of my neighbors raped, assaulted, killed, or burglarized because someone had easy access to their house. Not that they’re foolproof– when I lived in a sketchy part of SW someone used a tool to bend the bars and get in– but they’re definitely a deterrent.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I don’t see the problem with bars. Most of the time I don’t even notice them and when I am in a place bars I don’t feel like I’m in prison. I think of them like window panes…YOu have a bunch of window panes and no one thinks the wood in between looks bad. Just think of the bars as different window panes.

  • Those flat facade rowhouses that don’t have front yards definitely look better if they’re brightly colored. Imagine how depressing this row would be if it were all unpainted brick.

    • austindc

      Agreed! And the beauty is that they all seem to work together! It would also seem weird if just one house was all colorful and fun. I love this block so much.

  • I am from New Orleans and love color on the houses. DC doesn’t seem to tolerate too much color but sometimes like in this case in a small situation it is fun.

    Anyone been to Burano? That place is colorful too.

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