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  • It was SO GOOD when it opened….then americanized all it’s food and became SO BAD.

  • I miss those Fish and Chips! I wish Hank’s offered them.

    Service got really bad towards the end…

  • I miss Commonwealth. At least at first, the food was good and it was a fun joint. I heard that it closed, not because business was bad, but because the owners split up. Too bad.

  • they had what may have been the best mac and cheese i ever had.

  • I agree with others that it was good, and fun, when it first opened but my husband and I stopped going after a couple of disappointing (and fairly expensive) meals. We’re willing to shell out a few bucks for good food but can’t say we’ve been terribly impressed with Acre 121.

  • dcdon

    Come back to Columbia Hts Jamie Leeds!!

  • I don’t miss Commonwealth’s food, but putting those pictures next to one another makes me realize how ugly Acre 121’s enclosure really is.

  • I haven’t eaten in that part of CH since it left. Acre 121 Is disgusting. and Lou’s is even worse. Thank god CH has 11th street.

    • When is the last time you’ve been to Lou’s? I think the food is great for a sports bar and the staff is the absolute best. I don’t think there’s a better place in DC to watch sports.

      • I have to agree. It’s a very good place to watch sports and have some beers. The food is pretty good for sports bar food, though I wish they served the bocce special sliders all the time. Those are great.

        And the staff is friendly.

  • Acre’s fine for what it is, but I really miss Commonwealth only because it was the only nearby place with cask-conditioned beer.

  • Net negative for the ‘hood.

  • good beers, terribly overpriced for mediocre food.

  • Really missing Commonwealth. That stretch of CH is worthless for eating now save Pete’s.

  • I miss Commonwealth A LOT. Acre 121 does not measure up.

  • Give brunch a try at Acre 121 if you haven’t already. I think it is quite good.

  • Commonwealth put olive spread on pulled pork sandwiches. Weird, nasty stuff.

  • I must agree that it was really good at first but went downhill. I haven’t been to the two new places in this building, but I haven’t heard anything good about either spot.

  • justinbc

    This 5 year look back really is hard for me to believe. I remember getting so excited when I heard about Commonwealth opening!

    I’ve only been to Acre 121 once and it was such a bad experience that I couldn’t just write it off to a “bad night” and never returned.

    • I’m not sure how Acre 121 and Lou’s have stayed open this long. It’s not like there’s a lot of tourist traffic around the Columbia Heights Metro.

  • mmm fried olives mmm

    • Yes! I miss the fried olives the most!

      Acre is fine, but Commonwealth was just different enough to be a great spot.

  • Yeah i really miss that over priced pub food..I can’t seem to find $14 deviled eggs anywhere.

  • LOVED Commonwealth.

  • I miss Commonwealth!!! Was my go – to spot. Was hoping Acre would fill it’s shoes but sadly it doesn’t even come close 🙁

  • they both are terrible places

  • We were fans of Commonwealth. Sure, it was no Hank’s, but the fish specials were usually quite good, and I liked the cask conditioned beer. Acre 121 is ok. My kid is a big fan of the pulled pork sliders so we end up there fairly frequently. I can always find something on the menu I like, and the beer selection is decent.

  • We used to go to Commonwealth at least twice a month. We don’t go to Columbia Hieghts to eat after it left. They did have good food, especially the specials.

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