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  • Is this the one that was formerly Mood, and before that BeBar?

    • If so, I would stay away. That is a cursed location. Nothing stays there.

    • Yep. Somewhere in there it was also called EFN Lounge.

      Which makes me wonder – anybody know why EFN Lounge went out of business? The few times I went there it was packed.

    • Yup… BeBar, EFN Lounge, Mood, and now Vita is out. This space has bad Karma!

  • That cost probably includes the fixtures, furniture & equipment, liquor license, and rights to the existing lease.

  • I was on the fence about whether this was worth it or not, but since they put the “e” on the end of “grand”, that gives it a European mystique that makes it irresistable. Unless they mean it in a Taco Bell Grande sort of way.

  • yeah, based on the price, there’s no chance that includes the real estate…

  • “Grande”?

    Are they trying to sell me on a starbucks franchise or do they think peppering an ad with superfluous French makes them sound classy?

  • Went there (PH9 upstairs) once for their HH and was sorely disappointed and overall uncomfortable by the setup and service.

  • this kind of euro-marketing is exactly why i drive a “le car.”

  • i would have taken it if it were a “venti business opportunity”. too bad.

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