Nooshi Opening in About a Week on Barracks Row

524 8th Street, SE

In more opening soon news – I spoke with some workers at Nooshi opening above the recently opened Tash House of Kabob on Barracks Row and they said (on Sat.) the space should be open in six or seven days.

Nooshi also has a location at 1120 19th St, NW and their website says:

Nooshi is showcased along with the country cooking of Southeast Asia and decor of a mix of furniture and artifacts from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Stepping into this epicurean Asian retreat in the downtown district will transport you into the world of Eastern exotica.

The menu with a wide selection of regional Asian dishes as well as mouthwatering sushi is among the finest served in the District of Columbia area. Dishes are inventively light, low in fat, visually arresting and vividly flavored. Each dish is expertly prepared by the talented, skillful and innovative chefs using the freshest and top quality ingredients.

You can see their menus here.


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  • Very excited about this. The interior is supposed to have some sort of “zen gerden” also (I think it’s that glassed-in area on the roof).

    • Also: Was wondering if anyone’s tried the new Momentum fitness place a few doors down? Their barre classes are a lot cheaper than Biker Barre and I’m curious about some of their dance offerings.

  • This is also the same place as Spices up in Cleveland Park – they share the same menu. Their food was my go to Thai staple for years in NW and their Curry Laska brings me to my knees. Now that I live on Capitol Hill I thought I was free of my addition but apparently I was wrong…

  • Will the Capitol Hill location deliver? Phone number and delivery radius please.

  • Nice! I’ve been wishing for a good lunch option near work, and this is only a 15-20 minute walk away.

    • what’s 20 minutes away from Barrack’s Row that doesn’t ahve any lunch options? Also, there’s all the other restaurants on 8th street, or 7th street, or Pennsylvania ave, or the places near the stadium… Your comment makes no sense.

      • I work Southeast of here. 7th Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, and the stadium are all further away. We had a Quiznos and a Chicken Tortilla that were a little bit closer but they’ve both closed recently.

        • Also it takes a little longer to walk to Barracks Row these days because of all the construction and new highway ramps around the 11th Street bridge area.

  • Ally

    It looks like they deliver!

    • From the 19th Street location. Doesn’t mean this one will, but this Hill resident hopes they do!

  • The controversial mural on the side of Nooshi has sprung up, almost overnight! I just uploaded some pictures to the Flickr pool.

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