Suffice it to Say Folks are Happy Growler Sales are Legal Again

by Prince Of Petworth April 23, 2013 at 12:00 pm 35 Comments

3103 14th Street, NW courtesy of D’Vines

Last week I mentioned D’Vines would begin selling growlers again in Columbia Heights. An update from yesterday’s relaunch:

“over 200 growlers went home in 5 hours… over 1200 12oz bottles not in trash /recycling bins.”

Another reader asked who else sold growlers – so if anyone wants to add other spots to buy growlers please post below. Thanks.


  • Rachel

    Sherry’s in Woodley Park has them!

  • jch

    Anyone know of any downtown or on Capitol Hill?

  • Anonymous

    Yes! in Petworth told us that they are going to start selling growlers.

  • Dan

    Yikes, what a crowd.

    Sherry’s in Woodley Park also has growlers (has for several weeks in fact). They have a great selection and excellent customers service, and there’s never a line. I’m continually impressed by Sherry’s–I think they’re one of the best liquor stores in DC.

    • Anonymous

      Sherry’s is awesome. Definitely not the best prices, but great customer service and a pretty great selection.

    • I love Sherry’s because I can go in and say I need X and I have $Y and they will pick out something good in my price range for me.

  • Michael

    Went to get my growler filled last night, but decided not to after I did the math and noticed that I would be paying several dollars more for 64 oz of beer in a growler than I would pay for 72 oz of the same beer in a six pack. As a regular at D’Vines and someone who loves growler beer, D’Vines, please price growlers at a price point that reflects the lower costs involved in growler fills. If you don’t, you may find your customer base drying up once the initial hype of growlers wears off and people start doing the math.

    • Growlers aren’t necessarily about price point (well, maybe drinking in a bar vs growler fill per ounce) – they’re about home access to draft beer vs bottle/can. And a lot in the beer industry would argue that they’re really just a novelty for consumers and that they don’t offer any real benefit – but people like em.

      • Anonymous

        They’re mostly a novelty, for sure. But the best thing about them is being able to take home certain beers that aren’t sold in can or bottle form. Getting a growler filled with something you can already get in a can or bottle is a waste of money in my opinion. There is so much potential for an inconsistent product, when you factor in unclean growlers, improper growler pours, cleanliness of taps and tap lines, etc.

    • gloomingdale

      I think the price points of growlers should be at or around the price point of a six pack. Granted you get less total volume of beer but you also get a tasty quasi-draft equivalent. Any major price difference and you’re totally right, six pack it is.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. I see a bunch of suckers overpaying for a fad.

      I’ll take the convenience of a 6-pack any day of the week. There’s already way more microbrews in bottle or can form than I can ever have the time, money, or stomach to try.

  • EdTheRed

    Metro Wine & Spirits on Columbia Rd. in Adams Morgan fills growlers.

  • John

    I agee about the price point. 6 Packs tend to be cheaper by the ounce. The only way growler sales make sense is if they are cheaper than the 6-pack offering or the beer is not available for sale in packaged form (draft only).

    • There’s a freshness argument too. Aluminum kegs are better vessels for storing beer than glass – so the beer you get from a keg has a chance to be fresher than what you get in bottle. Though if you don’t finish your growler in under 24 hours you’re probably negating any benefit.

  • whole foods in tenleytown – and you can drink in the store as you shop.

    • Anonymous

      now that’s a benefit!

  • Joy

    Chocolate City and Three Stars breweries sell growlers on Saturday afternoons. Yum.

  • Hobie

    The Gordon Biersch at the Navy Yard has growlers. I was surprised that they have a decent selection of local beers, not just Gordon Biersch beers.

  • Meg

    Whole Foods Market in Tenley sells growlers. Good price point too; it’s basically like getting a free beer when you refill. They also have $1.00 off fills during happy hour

  • Two questions –
    1. Can we bring out own swingtop 2 liter growlers?
    2. When is D’Vinos going to start doing this again?

  • whole foods on P st sells growlers.. they have about 5 rotatings taps plus wine and prosecco.

    they also sell howlers (half a growler) and you can sit and drink a glass as well

  • Brett

    The new Glen’s Garden Market has growlers – I think 8 taps. Didn’t notice the prices last night, but if they are comparable to the 6-pack prices (relative to other places in the District), these will be the most expensive growlers in town.

  • BigCountry

    In my opinion, growlers were initially used at a brewery or brewpub where they did not package their beer for distribution. In this scenario you would typically be getting the freshest beer available in a format that you can take off premise. Yes, most of this is marketing, why buy a growler of Public at DeVines if you can get a six pack of public at the same price?

    That being said, personally, I think public on tap tastes way better than public out of the can.

  • The recently opened Carving Room in Judiciary Sq/Chinatown sells growlers

  • My dad told about the olden days in the Bronx when kids were sent down to the pub to fill the growler. When dad was known to drink to much (everyone knew which kids were going up and down the street more often) he was said to be “rushing the growler.”

    • The term likely dates back to the late 19th century when fresh beer was carried from the local pub to one’s home by means of a small galvanized pail. It is claimed the sound that the CO2 made when it escaped from the lid as the beer sloshed around sounded like a growl.

      (Love the history, I had to look up more)

  • Amy

    DC Brau is holding an event with City Dogs Rescue on Saturday. Anyone who donates $30 to CDR gets a growler of beer courtesy of DC Brau! Event details here in case anyone is interested: https://www.facebook.com/events/160519330775292/.

    And DC Brau regularly sells growlers. You can even bring your own and they will fill them.

  • Whole Foods P Street in Logan offers growlers too. it’s not so much that i am surprised about the growlers at a grocery store as i am about the selections. Some beers not found in the city or anywhere else in fact.

  • dcd

    This likely is a ridiculous question, but does anyone sell a plastic growler vessel? There’s no glass allowed at the pool, but I’d love to be able to bring some growlers for a day of grilling and swimming.

    • I’ve never seen any local establishment sell plastic growlers. I have both plastic and metal growlers outside the local area, and I bet you could find one online. Back in Colorado I’ve even seen a brewery fill 2-liter plastic bottles…not sure that would fly here.

    • Anonymous

      just transfer it into a milk jug when you get it home.

      • Anonymous

        +1. You really need to finish off the growler as soon as you open it, anyway.

  • Itchy Mitch

    The best reason for growlers is freshness and rarities. Pricing should be similar to 6 packs but is usually a little but more because you are supposed to be getting a better product. In D’Vines case, the hoppy beers taste super fresh right now. DeVino’s in not doing fills do to licensing in Adams Morgan, and the growlers were strangely missing from the P St. Whole Foods last Friday.

  • Anonymous

    what about devinos in admo?


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