Del Campo Launching $7 Happy Hour Drinks Wed. May 1st

777 I Street, NW

Last week Del Campo opened in the former PS7’s space in Chinatown. They are launching their happy hour Wed. May 1st – from a press release:

In honor of the restaurant’s location at 777 I St. NW, $7 drink specials will be offered seven days a week from 5 to 7pm.

Del Campo Happy Hour Drink Specials
Available 5-7pm in the bar area

El Jimador Silver Tequila, Luxardo Triple Sec,
Lime Juice, Agave Nectar


Bacardi Superior Rum, Lime Juice,
Simple Syrup, Mint, Carbonated Water

A Las Once

Cristal Aguardiente, Chicha Morada Syrup,
Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice


Strawberry Purée, Torrontes Syrup,
Grilled Lemon Juice, Biutiful Cava Brut

Draft Beer
Brooklyn IPA

Biutiful Cava
Bodegas Lurton Pinot Gris
Nieto Senetiner Bonarda

You can see the full bar menu here and regular dinner menu here.

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  • SEVEN dollars for a Happy Hour drink doesn’t sound very cheap to me.

  • justinbc

    Agreed with pretty much everyone else. These happy hour “promotions” are quite laughable. $7 Peroni might actually be the most overpriced beer in the city, even at a “discount”.

  • I was in NYC this weekend. Happy hour drinks at a midtown bar were half price…$3 for bottled and draft beer and $5 for cocktails. This $7 happy hour is a joke.

  • If they’re going to set their happy hour prices based on their address, they need to move two to three blocks east.

  • I don’t think I know a hapy hour deal where you can even get more expensive drinks than that. Yeah, no thanks.

  • Is this a joke?

  • I bet the douche factor must be through the roof at this place if they are seriously offering $7 Peronis on HH special.

  • Honest question: is this a really fancy place or something? Because I just don’t get this. Lots of pretty nice places don’t charge $7 for a Peroni even at non-HH prices. St Ex, for example, only charges 6. In fact, virtuallt every nice place on 14th street has HH prices much, much lower than this. $4 margaritas at Masa comes to mind . . .

    What gives?

    • It’s $$$$ on Yelp so yeah I guess it’s pricey. But honestly dissecting the happy hour menu it doesn’t seem like anything special.

  • Silly. They just opened and they are going to actually scare people away with a 7 dollar HH drink special.

    I’ve been to probably a hundred different HH locations over the years in this town, and this is by far the most hilarious one I’ve seen.

    All I have to say to Del Campo is “Good luck with that”

  • Why are they raising the prices for Happy Hour? Isn’t it usually the opposite: you lower the prices for HH?

  • Just looked at the dinner menu. Peruvian chicken is $24. That better be pretty damn amazing. It won’t take long for PoP readers to list all the amazing Peruvian chicken around for a fraction. Is it about not doing the dishes? Just throw away the take out containers, and enjoy that cheap six of Peronis you got at the store. I’ll loan you a table cloth and candle for the difference.

  • This place is overpriced, and not very good. Avoid. When we went, they were out of most of their drinks but then despite what we got they charged us for the most expensive ones they were allegedly out of. It was hard not to see that as deliberate.

  • I was super excited about this place… but man, those prices! Not worth it.

  • Did you notice that their mixed drinks are not actually cheaper for happy hour? They just make them to a lower standard. Cheaper booze, so a lower price. This place can KMA.

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