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  • Anonymous

    Awesome! They have officially reached dave&buster status like so many other DC bars..

    • Anonymous

      No country for old men ;)

      • Anonymous

        that was bowling

  • I’m a dork, but I LOVE skee ball. That’s awesome :)

  • Look. The whole point of skee ball is to win tickets that you trade for prizes. Why don’t hipster skee ball bars let you trade tickets for free drinks? This isn’t rocket science.

  • bb

    I move out of Mt Pleasant and NOW they get Skee Ball?

    +1 on offering hipster prizes. I want to win something with “artisan” in the title.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe packs of American Spirit smokes….

      • Anonymous

        Wallet chains and PBR t-shirts.

    • Anonymous

      put a bird on it

  • This place has gone downhill quickly since Patrice and Bernie left. I used to think of Tonic as my 2nd home, but now go in just a few times per year. All of the regulars are gone and the food has turned to crap. Not the Tonic of yore :(

    • Anonymous

      The food has been pretty sad for years now, so I can’t imagine how bad it must be now.

      • Same as it ever was last time I was in there, at least in terms of quality level (meh, plus or minus a point, but more or less acceptable if you didn’t want Latino). It was always a better bar than restaurant.

      • Isn’t Bernie supposedly coming back at some point?

  • The Real Jason

    Are you Hamburgers still terrible? I suppose skee ball is better than the Big Buck Hunter arcade that seems to be a requisite machine to have at hipster bars.

  • Anonymous

    Buck hunter is in EVERY bar.. Chrissakes, Can we see one post without the word hipster.. doh!

  • MtP Guy

    I don’t know what all the pretentioius complainers are talking about. Tonic has always been one of my favorite bars. Not because it is fancy or because its like all the other DC bars, but because its a nice simple neighborhood bar. It has one of the best happy hours in town, great burgers and a comforting vibe unmatched by almost any other place in DC.

    • Anonymous

      Also skee ball is awesome with or without prizes!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the update on HH and burgers “Tonic employee” btw skee ball may be fun while drunk but for like 5 minutes before you realize ugg I’m playing skee ball.I would rather drink heavily and watch old people play shuffleboard..

    Tonic was a fun place to drink when Bernie was there and drinking back in the day the food has always been god awful just like radius.I would show up there if i lived upstairs and there was a zombie apocalypse ..


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